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Today’s Author Interview…

Tuesday, March 21, 2006
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Erm… yeah, I know I’m slacking. I’ll upload Suzanne Brockmann’s interview tomorrow in between running a business and trying to save the world.

Don’t worry, it’ll be totally worth the wait!

By the way, due to being spammed, I had to put the comments verifier thingy on again. Bastards. Kristie, how the hell do you cope?


  • Lori
    March 22
    3:42 am

    Yipee! Can’t wait!


  • Kristie (J)
    March 22
    3:44 am

    Well, I didn’t cook dinner for 4 days. That helped. I went on a hunger strike against Blogger – and by jove I think it worked! Mine seems to be working again. So I thanked Blogger by posting some very beautiful covers.

    *evil, evil grin* That will teach them to mess with Krisite.

    Of course all semblance of sanity was lost over that time and it hasn’t quite come back yet.
    And – oh yes. I read Dreaming of You again since I couldn’t blog. heh heh


  • Dramedy Girl
    March 22
    5:36 am

    You’ve been holding out on a Suz interview? Karen, how dare you!!!!!! :o)


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