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So I read Kristie’s, Dreaming of You, about a couple of week’s ago. I was so impressed with Lisa Kleypas’s writing that I went and bought up her entire backlist. Yes, I have a habit of judging writers by one book, this can sometimes be risky, but what the hell, it’s only money right? *g*

Sarah Fielding is a well-bred gal who was brought up by aging parents in a small village called Greenwood Corners. She has been seeing the same bloke for over four years, but they have yet to share more than a chaste kiss. Indeed, her betrothed doesn’t seem in any great hurry to marry her, a fact which was starting to piss Sarah off.

All his life, Derek Craven has worked hard to escape the abject poverty that he was born into. Abandoned by a slut-faced ho of a mother, Derek was brought up by local prostitutes until he was old enough to go out and work as a climbing boy, cleaning chimneys. Various morally questionable ways of making money, finally enabled him to open up what has now become London’s most exclusive gaming club, which in turn provided the means for his entry into London’s Rich List.

Sarah is a writer conducting research on the seedier side of London, when she witnesses some thugs giving Derek a good going over.
Being the saintly and brave maiden that she is, she goes to his aid, and ends up shooting and killing one of the men who set upon poor Derek.

Derek can scarcely believe that this virginal goody two shoes was the one to come to his rescue, and feels obligated to let her conduct her research within the confines of his gambling club.

DC is inexplicably attracted to Sarah, and he finds himself having all kinds of wild carnal thoughts about her.

Sarah, being the gently bred, prim and proper woman that she is, is also amazed to find that she wants to climb onto Derek’s well-used cod-piece, and have her wicked way with him, but alas she has a fiance already, so she tries to resist his charms.

As these two people get to know each other, sparks fly at every turn, and soon, Derek grows to recognise and appreciate the strength of character, and inner beauty that Sarah has.
Trusting a woman is unchartered territory for him, and it will take all of Sarah’s patience and understanding to win this rascal over.

My Verdict

Yes, Kristie, I really liked it. Really really liked it.

I definitely have a thing for bad boys, and Derek Craven was the quintessential badass. It also helped that I thought the heroine was pretty fab too. Even if she was a virgin. *g*

I really liked Kleypas’s voice. She was remarkably easy to read, and I loved her overall characterisation. There wasn’t a single superfluous character in the entire book, and I loved how much effort she put into her secondary character’s individual stories. I also like the fact that she’s not afraid to include raunchy love scenes in her book. I must admit, I was expecting lukewarm sex scenes that I would have to skip over, but guess what, I didn’t hate it, and gulped down every line like it was manna from heaven.

LK managed to keep my undivided attention all the way through the book, and with my life as hectic as it is at the moment, that’s no small feat.

Like I said, based on this book alone, I went and bought up most of her backlist. Yes, all the books were bought new, so Kriste, damn you, you did it again. I’d say that was two out of two, wouldn’t you?

BTW, I’ve read 9 of her books so far, and I have loved them all. Even the flawed ones. How mad is that?

I think even readers who usually pass on historicals will dig this one. It’s a definite keeper.

Dawn, I think you’ll like this one too. If you send me your address, I’ll even let you borrow it!

Oh and another thing, I’ve decided to overlook the fact that she’s pals with that sanctimonious Elizabeth Bevarly. I guess nobody’s perfect huh? Big sigh…