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Finders Keepers – Sharon Sala

I’ve always loved Sharon Sala, but after reading this book, the scales have finally fallen from my eyes, and I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘The Way To Yesterday’ and ‘Sweetbaby’ have been papering over Sala’s writing cracks for years.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

I told you it was brief, so don’t get ya knickers in a twist!

Finders Keepers felt lazily written, as if all Sala was doing was fulfilling the word count. At no point did I connect to the characters in the book, come to think of it, I felt a disconnectedness between Sala and her own characters, that was gloriously absent in her earlier books.

As with Chance McCall, I felt as if she was trying to manipulate my emotions all the way through the book, and the thing is, I expect authors to try to make me cry, laugh etc, I just don’t expect to see through their various ploys.

I think a lot of people will probably enjoy this book, but unfortunately for me, it was way off the mark.

It Had To Be You, Susan E Phillips

I liked this book. It was a nice uncomplicated read. The football references didn’t piss me off, but I guess it helps that I’m quite a sport-oriented person anyway.

The story flowed along nicely, and I felt like I was actually peeking into the lives of real people, with real issues. The dialogue was snappy and made sense, and at no point did I feel that the author was actually writing from the twilight zone.

It made me smile in parts, which is always a good thing. I preferred Phoebe’s character to Dan’s, purely because I felt that Dan was sometimes quite unnecessarily arsy. He was quite grumpy too, and there’s nothing I hate more than a whinging and bitching hero.

I recommend that this book be read in a meadow, with the breeze gently blowing through your hair, lying on a hammock, swinging gently from side to side, with the sun about to say goodnight to the sky… It really was that cute. *g*

Well I was going to review a few more books seeing as I’ve read so many recently, but fuck it, I’m tired and I can’t be arsed.


  • Lanie
    March 27
    11:09 pm

    I’ve never read a Sharon Sala book, have any good recs?

    I am a big SEP fan – even if a few of her books I really hated (Kiss An Angel, Ain’t She Sweet).

    I have a soft spot for It Had To Be You, as it was the first SEP book I read LOL. And I agree, Dan can be a grumpy shit sometimes!


  • Dramedy Girl
    March 28
    1:06 am

    I’m with you on Sharon Sala. I quit reading her after I read Chance McCall which bored the hell out of me.

    I want to read more SEP books — I loved Ain’t She Sweet after I waited a good long time for the hype to die down, but I just haven’t gotten to the UBS.


  • Kristie (J)
    March 28
    3:24 am

    I haven’t read Sharon Sala for years, but she wrote one of my all time favourite books under the name Dinah McCall – Jackson Rule. Love that book.

    I’m off SEP now and have been for a while. As Randy Jackson is so fond of saying Ain’t She Sweet was awright Dawg. It was awright


  • Rosie
    March 28
    6:16 am

    I’m pretty much with the consensus on this one. I haven’t purchased Sharon Sala for a long time. I first read her Silhouette Intimate Moments and she had some good ones there years ago.

    SEP is a fave. I love her books!


  • Dawn
    March 28
    8:54 am

    Hey Lanie, if you’d like to read a GREAT Sharon Sala book, try Annie and the Outlaw. This is one of her older Silhouette Intimate Moments, but it’s fab. One of the few books that have made me cry (I’m a hard bitch!). I agree that some of her more recent books haven’t been as good as the older ones.

    I haven’t tried SEP, but I might.


  • Valeen
    March 28
    1:21 pm

    🙂 Hello

    I haven’t read Sharon Sala … although I’ve often looked at her books and wondered. I did pick up one Dinah McCall but if I remember correctly I didn’t get through it.

    I’ve been reading SEP for a few years and she’s definitely an auto-buy for me. My favourite is First Lady, as it was the first book I picked up by her. I enjoyed the entire Chicago Stars series.


  • Sharon
    March 28
    2:41 pm

    Funny, she (Sharon Sala) was the inspiration for my RTB post today *g*

    As a rule, I like Sharon Sala, but the last few I read had me wanting to pluck my eyelases for entertainment.


  • Anne
    March 29
    2:17 am

    LOL… God I love your recaps Karen! Seriously.. LOL. Anyway, that wasn’t the best Sharon Sala I’ve read but it wasn’t the worst either I don’t think… I’m sure there are worse out there.. somewhere.

    As for SEP… I love her stuff. I especially enjoy the series surrounding the “football” theme… my favorite of them all was Match Me If You Can which I found to be a fun read.. sometimes fun is better than emotional… and sometimes it’s not. Gotta pick the right book for the right mood.

    Check out some of Cindy Gerard’s books from her The Bodyguards series… they are fabulous! I reviewed them over on my blog… check it out if you can be arsed. *G*

    I’m doing the JD Robb thing right now.. at least for two more books because the next one I’m on a waiting list for. WTF? LOL I guess I’ll have to red some Amy J. Fetzer or some Tara Janzen or some Vicki Lewis Thompson in the meantime. : )


  • Penelope Jordan
    July 18
    5:43 pm

    I’ve recently discovered Sharon Sala, and I disagree with you. I love her books. I haven’t found one that I didn’t like for so far, but I haven’t been reading her books for that long. I like SEP as well, but her last book Glitter baby, made me want to shoot myself in the head. It was terrible, painful experience that I will never repeat. SEP’s books start out as a very interesting read, but by the end I have a cavity from all that fake sweetness. Try Lisa Kleypas. I haven’t read a book from her I didn’t love.


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