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Talking About Effing Shite Covers…

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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Beware the effects of smoking too much crack

I want to know who proofed this cover, and thought it was a good idea to go with it.

I’m not even sure what the f*ck it is. Without reading the blurb, I guess he’s a vamp, but really… what the fuck was the cover artist thinking?

Erm… I’ll try to post Mary Jo Putney’s interview tomorrow, or when I have time to breathe anyway!


  • Avid Reader
    March 30
    4:12 am

    Whoa! What IS that thing?

    Girl, you scared me. **hysterical laughter** OK. Calm.

    What IS that thing on the cover?

    Watching America’s Next Top Model tonight, it seems that Jade has managed to intimidate another contestant to the point that she f’d up big time during her photo shoots and was eventually…eliminated. Lurv, lurv, lurv this show.



  • Desiree Erotique
    March 30
    4:54 am

    Oh my. Well, uh, there’s something to be said for positive thinking, so I’ll be frank and admit it is DEFINITELY one cover I will not forget for a long time!


  • Sharon
    March 30
    2:40 pm

    OMG ROFLMAO! I just saw that yesterday and had the same thought. Very freaky!

    Knowing my luck, I’ll get something equally as horrid.


  • Anne
    March 30
    5:06 pm

    Yikes! What the hell IS that? Some of the covers coming out are just horrendous! If I were to judge a book by it’s cover rather than the content on the pages, I’d have to pass up A LOT of EC books lately. Their covers are seriously lacking. You can totally tell which ones Syneca does and which ones she doesn’t. Syneca has talent and adds depth and color blending and shading to the covers… whoever else is doing them DOESN’T. ICK!


  • Lori
    March 31
    3:58 am

    Can I say how much I dislike these computer generated covers? This one is obviously waaaaay owrse than most, but they all leave me missing something. Am I alone in this?


  • Loreley
    April 1
    12:14 pm

    Hi Lori
    No not at all, I absolutely hate this Poser-covers (Poser is the program you make these covers with). I always call them soulless plastic-doll pics with wrong body proportions and a general genetic defect *lol*.
    I am a person who likes to buy books with beautiful covers. I generally try (with some exceptions) not to buy Poser-Covers, just out of principle because I dislike them so much 🙂


  • Millenia Black
    April 4
    3:17 pm

    I’m with you, Karen. WTF was he thinking?? And more than that—WTF is the publisher thinking??


    I guess they know their market….


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