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I’ll be posting Brenda Novak’s intervew tomorrow, I’m just too busy at the moment. You know how it is, things to do, people to schmooze. *g*

By the way Anne, I got the book through the post this morning, so thanks a lot, you fabulous person you. I’ll let you know what I thought of it, when I get round to reading it!

Sybil, I read Devil In Winter finally, and I’ve decided that I prefer Sebastian St Vincent to Derek Craven. Yes, I’m a fickle creature, but he was even more badass than Derek. Just my kind of hero. Sorry Kristie. *g*

I’ve just about read all of Lisa Kleypas’s backlist, and I tend to agree that she is a fab writer!

Oh by the way, I accidentally bought two copies of Kleypas’s Worth Any Price, if any of you guys want a free copy, just e-mail me, (erm you’ll find my e-mail on my profile if you can be arsed)and I’ll draw out the winner on Monday. Just write ‘Worth Any Price’in the subject header.

That’s all for now, I’m off to our local supermarket to get some grub for the Tall Guy!