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Oh shucks, I do love to see a big ugly author blog fight, Where the hell was I when this blew up?


  • Reese
    April 12
    12:06 am

    I love when people get good n’ snarky on the internet.


  • HelenKay
    April 12
    1:30 am

    Not ugly. We were actually fairly well behaved…for a change 🙂


  • Dramedy Girl
    April 12
    3:32 am

    Leave it to AK to open the door to spirited discussion! I really enjoyed reading all the opinions and everyone was pretty respectful, so it was interesting and informative. And I never would have founf it if not for you, Karen!


  • Desiree Erotique
    April 12
    6:08 am

    Hmmm. You know, a lot of us are homemakers besides being writers. I’d feel pretty weird to discover that a neighbor had been blogging about the size of the dust bunnies under the sofa, or that my windows need to call 1-800-Clean-Me. Especially if I had kept my manners and mouth shut and never once mentioned that the crud in her fridge has finally developed eyes 😉


  • Anne
    April 12
    11:40 am

    Very interesting… I’m not sure how I feel about the whole subject. According to what I read… I guess authors reviewing other authors is okay as long as its positive, but never give a negative review. That’s kinda biased and goes against what I believe in. I think if I ever get published I’m going to have to learn to keep my mouth shut or make a whole lot of author enemies. Yikes!


  • Lauren Dane
    April 12
    6:24 pm

    I dunno, I thought it was a pretty spirited discussion but certainly not anywhere near a big blow up or anything (and god knows, we’ve seen plenty of those!).

    I don’t mind authors doing reviews, after all, we read too. I don’t trash books and I rarely review at my blog unless I’m blown away by something. I do have my buttons and some authors push them and I HATE their books so I don’t read them and so I can’t really review them, LOL.


  • Karen Scott
    April 12
    8:29 pm

    Me too Reese, me too, lol!

    HK, it was starting to get that way, unfortunately there were too many apologies, to turn it into a proper blog row. *g*

    Hey Shelly, I enjoy anything where authors say what they think instead of pussyfooting about.

    Des, I’m not sure what my viewpoint is on this issue either way. It hurts my head to give it any further thought.

    Anne, it’s a shame, but once you get published, all strong opinions will probably have to be put on a back burner or risk commiting blog suicide.

    I love the spiritedness of the comments. If these had been reader comments, I probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelid, but I love authors battling to get their point of views over!


  • Kate R
    April 15
    1:51 am

    “Anne, it’s a shame, but once you get published, all strong opinions will probably have to be put on a back burner or risk commiting blog suicide.”

    yeah, just ask Monica about that one! But she worked an answer that answers. . .


  • Leslie Kelly
    April 17
    9:45 pm

    Karen someone mentioned that you had been talking about the discussion at Access, so I came over here to check it out. I thought that was a pretty good conversation and was glad other people thought so, too.

    But the main reason I’m commenting is because I think you and I were separated at birth. Seriously…books, movies, politics, religion.

    We have a lot in common. 😉

    Great blog!

    Leslie Kelly


  • Karen Scott
    April 18
    7:10 pm

    Hi Leslie! Welcome to my blog! It always surprises me how quick news gets round the blogosphere, lol!

    You’re obviously a lady who has

    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed my blog, it’s certainly not for the fainthearted!

    You’re obviously a gal with good taste and style! *g*



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