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You know what they say, never talk about religion or politics in polite company.

An edict I generally do my best to ignore.

I was listening to my fave radio station earlier today, and the presenter was talking about the different theories going around with regards to how man came to be.

As my regulars will know, I’m not a fan of organised religion. Too many crazies using God as an excuse to commit the most heinous of crimes.

Anyway, the radio presenter invited a guy from the Christian Voice Society (or some such nonsense) to give his views on the subject.

What a fucking arsehole.

He was the most jumped up, sanctimonious little bastard I’ve had the displeasure of listening to in a while.

Basically, the host referred to God, as “the big man upstairs”, and this so-called Christian totally went on off his head, and accused the presenter of disrespecting him and his religion. WTF? Talk about missing a sense of humour gene.

He then went on a ridiculous rant about how the radio host was a sinner, and started spouting hellfire and damnation crap. Sigh.

People like him, are one of the main reasons that I think organised religion sucks hairy balls.

Anyway, in spite of the wanker, I thought the discussion was interesting on many levels.

I myself, a self-confessed-almost-atheist, can’t decide one way or the other. I probably lean more towards Darwin’s theory of evolution, but I’m not totally sold on it. I think this is mainly because of my Sunday school brain-washing teachings.

Ahhh Sunday school days…… I always used to think that Jezebel rocked, cuz she wore bright red lipstick and she got all the boys. It was only later that I found out that she was a slut, and apparently sluts are bad. Sigh.

So anybody have any definite beliefs either way?