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So I spent the evening with these lovely boys tonight. Let me introduce you to Urs, (Swiss) David, (American) Sebastien (French), and Carlos, (Spanish).

In an effort to get more business from current clients, there are times when I have to bribe schmooze them. Tonight, I had tickets to see Il Divo in concert, so I took 3 clients who’s money I would like to see more of, with me.

The guys were fabulous. They’re an operatic boyband vocal group, and they sing all their songs in Italian. If I’m not mistaken, our own Simon Cowell discovered them.

My favourite was the Spanish guy, Carlos. He wasn’t the best looking by far, but he was the one with the passion and the personality. All the ladies at the Manchester Evening News arena thought he was pretty fab too.

They opened with their version of Toni Braxton’s Unbreak My Heart, or should I say, ‘Regressa A Mi’, at which point I was ready to part with my knickers. Bloody marvellous.

They’re touring all over the world at the moment, I believe they’ve already been to Las Vegas, but they’ll be going back to the US in June. They kick off the US leg of their tour in Florida, on June 14th, and finish up in Concord, California, on July 1st. After that, they’ll have one date in Canada.

If you live anywhere near where they’re performing, I would strongly recommend that you go and see their show. They were utterly fabulous.