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Happy Belated Birthday To The Queen…

Sunday, April 23, 2006
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Not bad for an eighty year old eh? (Photograph by Lord Snowdon)

The Changing face of the Queen

She was 80 years old on Friday. She still looks pretty good, although I suspect she would look better if she smiled more.

I often wonder if she ever feels trapped in her life. I would if I was her. Fancy being married to that horse’s arse, Prince Phillip, and having at least two sons who are mad as ten badgers.

I sincerely hope Charles doesn’t become king. I may have gotten over the fact that he’s an unfaithful rat, who talks to plants, but envisaging Her Royal Horseness, Camilla, at his side as queen, is enough to make me lose my breakfast.

I’m not sure what my feelings are about the monarchy as a whole. Sometimes I think they are a burden this country can ill afford, but then I always get the argument that they’re good for tourism.

I wonder though, do people come here just to see the royal family? They are a tourist attraction, certainly, but to what extent are they important to our tourism industry?

What do you guys think of the British royal family?


  • Kristie (J)
    April 23
    10:49 am

    I think they are a rather sad lot myself – the most famous of dysfunctional families. Hopefully things will start to change with William and Harry. I do wish though, that the press would leave them alone. It must be awful for them to live in such a see through glass house where all their lives are seen by all.
    And in a completely frivolous vein – I think the queen needs a new do. Something with bangs maybe.


  • Eve Vaughn
    April 23
    1:28 pm

    If she lives as long as the Queen Mum, she’s got another good twenty years in her. Poor Charles won’t take the thrown until he’s eighty. Yikes.


  • Maili
    April 23
    3:18 pm

    Like you, I have mixed feelings. Half of me wants them out, but another half of me wants the way it is. The family is so much part of this landscape that it’s bloody hard to imagine`life without them around.


  • Dalia
    April 23
    4:13 pm

    I don’t think the press should leave them alone at all – it would be like they get all the “benefit” of being royalty and none of the relative “hardship”.

    It’s great when they’re photographed in less than royal positions and you’re able to read accounts of their less than royal behaviour because it reminds the British people that they’re distinctly average people living off the glory of their ancestors.

    That said, I think Charles is one of the better ambassadors/diplomats that G.B. has and frankly I could care less whether he was unfaithful or talks to plants 😛

    It’s like with Clinton – I voted for you to basically, politcal correctness aside, rule the world, not to be the Perfect Husband. And no, I don’t think being a perfect husband is necessary to being a great President. Comparative ditto for Charles.


  • reese
    April 23
    9:12 pm

    One of my distant relatives, about 150 years ago, bequeathed Queen Victoria a ton of money in his will (apparently he was a little weird in the head). Up till that point, the royal family had no real money of their own. They had to beg parliament every time they wanted something.

    Well, I think the royal family has invested my money very well, and now they’re doing just fine.

    That’s my money, Karen.



  • Lori
    April 24
    5:16 am

    Happy birthday to the Queen.

    I happen to adore the Royal Family. Every bonehead move they make takes the heat off our dumbass American leadership for just a few minutes *g*


  • Dawn
    April 24
    10:44 am

    Well, everyday, I become less and less appeciative of the royals. But I do think that they are a big draw for the tourists, especially the Americans

    I hope that the Queen doesn’t succumb to dementia or anything like that and is able to carry on her reign as long as possible. I really don’t want Charles to become King. William should be the next King I think.

    BTW, when I was about 8 years old the Queen made a visit to Jamaica and I remember lining up on the side of the road along with the other kids from my school to wave to her and the Duke of Nuts as they drove past.


  • Jaynie R
    April 27
    8:37 am

    I swear if they make Horsey Queen then Australia really will vote to become a Republic next time.

    Skip Charlie and bring on Willie boy.


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