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I went to the hairdresser’s today, and because I knew I’d be there a while, I took a book with me. Anyway, there was a girl probably in her early twenties, sitting next to me, browsing through a hair and beauty magazine. I think she was getting her roots done. They certainly needed doing anyway.

I felt her burning stare, so I looked in the mirror and asked her if there was a problem.

I think I took her by surprise, but she gamefully asked me what I was reading. So I tell her. Linda Howards’s Dream Man.

Her name was Sandra. This was how our conversation went: (more or less)

S: What’s it about?
K: It’s a romance book
S: It doesn’t look like a romance book
K: It is
S: What’s it about?
K: A woman who has psychic visions of murders being commited
S: Doesn’t sound like a romance to me:
K: It is
S: Is there any sex?
K: Some
S: How much sex?
K: Enough
S:Still doesn’t sound like a romance to me
K: Ever read a romance book?
S: Silence
K: Well?
S: No
K: *Rolls eyes*
S: I thought romance books always had couples kissing on the cover
K: Not always
S: Barbara Cartland’s does
K: She’s dead
S: Silence
K: Silence
S: There’s usually lots of sex in ‘those’ kind of books isn’t there?
K: *Mentally runs S over with a garbage truck*
K: Silence
S: Don’t you get embarrassed reading them in public?
K: No
S: Really?
K: Really
S: Silence
K: So what do you like to read then?
S: Dan Brown
K: *Rolls eyes*
S: The Da Vinci Code was out of this world
K: So I hear
S: You don’t look like a romance reader
K: Oh?
S: You’re not old or anything
K: *Stupefied silence*
S: Can you recommend any good ones?
K: Yeah
S: Nothing with lots of sex though
K: *Evil grin*
K: Sensation, by Thea Devine. You’ll love it.

Yes, I know, I should have recommended a really good book, in order to promote the genre, but for fucks sake, she interrupted me when I was on a really good bit. I swear, I read the same page about ten effing times. Sigh.

The moral of the story? You meet ignorant twats everywhere.


  • Megan Frampton
    April 25
    4:43 pm

    OH MY GOD! What an idiot. You did the right thing. How ignorant can people be?!?


  • Lauren Dane
    April 25
    4:58 pm

    Snicker. Oh, how I wish I could have been sitting there.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    April 25
    5:48 pm

    Baaaah! They’re all sheep being led by a pernicious and unfortunately tenacious rumor.

    As a woman who has always questioned everything, it still surprises me that people buy into myths without checking the facts for themselves. I dunno. I guess there’s a comfort in it. A lack of accountability–but so and so said!

    I just don’t live my life that way and I never will. Nor do I hang with people who do.

    The only sort of books I EVER wanted to write were romance. You can find out why here: The Sopranos and Romance Writing

    Rock on, Karen!


  • azteclady
    April 25
    6:57 pm

    Damnit, Karen! Why do these things never happen to me?

    Then again, if they did, I sincerely doubt I’d have such a response at the ready.

    azteclady, who’s still wiping tears of mirth off her eyes


  • Valeen
    April 25
    7:11 pm

    Geezus … I don’t think I would have been able to respond at all, I would have sat in stupefied silence.

    You don’t look like a romance reader

    What the hell are we suppose to look like exactly?


  • ShelbyReed
    April 25
    8:13 pm


    Oh my God, I am such a Karen fan.


  • Jennifer B.
    April 25
    9:37 pm

    You kill me. I’m wiping the tears of laughter off my face.


  • Rosie
    April 25
    10:23 pm

    I don’t usually read blogs at work…no time. But I read this today and laughed out loud. God I hope she buys the Thea Devine book. Just thinking about it makes me laugh all over again!


  • Eve Vaughn
    April 25
    10:39 pm

    LMAO!! She sounds like a piece of work.


  • Jenn
    April 25
    11:12 pm


    Only you

    You are priceless

    You know I guess this confirms Eve’s belief that I am old since I read romance.


  • Jaye
    April 26
    1:37 am

    Sensation, by Thea Devine. You’ll love it.

    Laughing. My. Ass. Off.


  • Lori
    April 26
    4:57 am

    LMAO. Priceless, Karen!

    I would have thought of it, too. But it would have been 2 hours later.


  • Desiree Erotique
    April 26
    5:01 am



  • Anne
    April 26
    10:22 pm

    LOL! I’m laughing so hard I’ve got tears in my eyes and can’t see what I’m writing. LOL! You are THE absolute best Karen!


  • Jaynie R
    April 27
    8:34 am


    OMG, I would have told her that there wasn’t enough sex and then gone into detail as to how much and what kind of sex I usually like in a book *g*


  • Amy
    April 28
    4:59 am

    LMAO! Perfect.


  • Jane
    May 3
    12:47 pm

    OMG. *Cries* Too funny. Love DM. You should have read her the part where Dane shows up at M’s door and knocks down the door with his giant hard on.


  • Bam
    May 3
    3:14 pm

    The Davinci Code? *snerk*

    I love my boyfriend’s mom, but once she said to me, “Don’t kid yourself, it’s for real.”

    On my romance reading habits, “You’re an intelligent girl. Why would you read such garbage?”


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