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Sex And The Clitty…

Thursday, April 27, 2006
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Don’t bother reading on if you’re easily offended, because you probably will be. Offended that is.

I’ve decided that I’m not overly fond of the term ‘eating out’.

No, I don’t mean, as in going to a restaurant. Indeed, I am actually talking about the sexual act.

The Tall Guy and I discussed this last night, and he disagrees with me. He kinda likes it. The perve.

I’ve always suspected that ‘eating out’ is a term that a man must have invented. Every time I read it in a book, it kinda takes me out of the story, and I find that I end up squeezing my legs together, and not in a good way either.

I think my problem with its usage, is that it reminds me too much of how The Tall Guy some men like to spend hours down there, kinda like they’re having a five course meal. Some days a gal only wants a starter, especially when she already went ahead and had the main course. Know what I mean?

I told TTG that I thought it was quite a vulgar term, even for me. His answer was that it beat using ‘muff diving’, or ‘minge-eating’.

Who says romance is dead?


  • Scott
    April 27
    7:28 pm

    Well, he’s right. It is better then “muff-diving.” 😉

    I actually am not all that sold on “eating out” either. Although, since graduating from high school, I don’t find myself in conversations that would really warrant describing that act anyway.


  • byrdloves2read
    April 27
    8:21 pm

    Good grief I learn something new every day! LOL

    I’ve never seen the phrase “eating out”. Doesn’t really appeal – at all. In fact, YUCK! Whenever I’ve uttered this phrase I have some serious masticating in mind. Don’t want that image in my head when his head’s down there. No, uh uh.

    For some reason “muff diving” (although crude and sophomoric) has always sounded rather amusing.

    I can’t help but laugh though when some of the historical romances refer to it as “kissing the nether lips”. Oh puhlease. LOL


  • Anne
    April 27
    8:46 pm

    LOL.. Only YOU Karen would have this as a topic. LMAO! Seriously, eating out is gross. Why does there have to be a phrase for it at all? Why not just say, “he’s down there and he’s licking her”… no need to go with the vulgarity of “eating out.” And you’re right… that had to be a guy who came up with that. It’s almost as a blow job. You don’t really blow, and if you do, you’re doing it wrong. LOL!


  • azteclady
    April 27
    9:29 pm

    anne wisely said,
    “It’s almost as a blow job. You don’t really blow, and if you do, you’re doing it wrong.”

    I’m giggling to hard to post anything coherent now.


  • Valeen
    April 27
    9:54 pm

    LMAO! Oh my god. I have to say its funny to know that ‘muff-diving’ is a male used term on both sides of the pond. I thought it was something stupid my RH and his friends came up with it. And don’t they just think their so funny when using it.

    And so odd that only an our ago I read this exact phrase you’re chatting on “eating out” in a book and it completely threw me right out of it. It didn’t fit and I had the thought that something else could have been used in its place at that particular time in the book.


  • Eve Vaughn
    April 27
    11:10 pm

    My hubby has used the term “carpet munching” LOL!! Does that make him a bigger perv than the tall guy?


  • Reese
    April 27
    11:21 pm

    We need to think of a classy term, cause they’re all kinda gross.


  • Dakota Cassidy
    April 28
    12:24 am

    Well, that’s kinda crass, eh? Eating out would suggest one is eating and thus, digesting something and if he’s digesting something–you got trouble, huh? LOLLOL

    I hate that term–it’s as innapropriate as the term blow job. Like someone else said, you don’t blow…

    Dakota 🙂


  • Jaye
    April 28
    12:30 am

    erm…. I sorta agree with TTG. 😛 I guess it’s a matter of context and eat-er-utterer. heh.


  • Avid Reader
    April 28
    3:58 am

    That’s why I love reading this blog because you don’t know what the f. to expect from Karen.

    “Eating out” was used in a movie, I think it was Pulp Fiction where I first heard it. Very unflattering word to use, but wow, Karen, only you can go there with this type of topic. LOL.

    Oy, I’ve had my laugh for the day.

    Off to bed. Le sigh.



  • Lori
    April 28
    4:57 am

    I have to agree, that it is better than muff-diving. However, eating out is rather gross. Err…. the term, that is… ummm… ok, shutting up now…

    Anne, as for the term blow job… my DH loves to yell while receiving one… “Suck, Lori, Suck! Blow is just a figure of speech!” We have an awful lot of laughs during sex *g*. Once in college, his roommate thought that he was serious! OMG – that was funny! Of course, we got the last laugh when he emailed DH a few weeks ago complaining that married life was too dull because you never get BJs anymore. I laughed my ass off when DH wrote back “Speak for yourself”. Yeah… even after 21 years, we still got it good *bg*.


  • Dawn
    April 28
    11:07 am

    ROFLMAO!! It just called “going down on” in my house! Muff diving just smacks of 70s porn, with the twangy guitar thing going on in the background.


  • Rosie
    April 29
    3:57 pm

    At my house we take a trip “south of the equator”.

    You all have your game on. I got a good laugh this morning.


  • AG
    July 22
    3:55 pm

    2 years and a few months behind schedule, the correct term, of course, is “tipping the velvet”.


  • Richard
    January 3
    6:07 pm

    whats wrong with,,,,can I kiss your pussy?


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