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Just Like A Dame, Daisy Dexter Dobbs

Thanks for the freebie AngieW!

Review will be up on Monday…


  • Daisy Dexter Dobbs
    April 28
    11:12 pm

    Hello, Karen! I just paid a visit to Angie W’s blog–her ebook buzz page to be exact. (*nice, slow, deeeeeep, easy breath followed by protracted gasping for air*)

    And then (for no particular reason) I thought, well, my goodness, I do believe I’ve been terribly negligent in posting to my very good, very dear friend Karen Scott’s positively delightful blog. I mean, after all, the woman is just about my most favorite person on the entire planet! 😀 So I thought I’d nonchalantly pop in here to tell you once again how much I love, adore and highly value your bright, interesting, fascinating, fabulously witty, and exceedingly well-written blog. It is, indeed, the absolute highlight of my day…my week…my life, in fact.


    It’s truly incredible the way your comments sparkle and shine, Karen. How your perfect prose and your amazing attitude enrich my world–and everyone else’s, too. Naturally, I completely and wholeheartedly agree 100% with every marvelous, thought-provoking opinion you’ve ever stated here, or anywhere else for that matter. And, by the way, my bosom buddy and lifelong friend, if I haven’t mentioned it before, Karen–you magnificent woman, you–I particularly like that lovely shade of lavender in the background of your perfect blog. Smart and chic–just like you! 😀 Why, just visiting your blog has me wiping a tear of joy from my eye, for I feel I’ve been blessed by gazing upon this bastion of wit and cleverness.

    Oh, and your beautiful photo, I wanted to comment on that, too. You’re probably the most extremely attractive blogger in the entire blogosphere–the hair, the eyes, the lips, all of it. Beautiful. Breathtaking. If you’re not a model you should be. Your smile lights up the whole page and instills happiness into the lives of every blogger who views it.

    Imagine my delighted (*caaack*) surprise when I just happened to notice, by sheer coincidence, of course, that you’ll be reviewing another one of my books.

    (*collapses into dead faint on the floor… …somehow manages to revive self ten minutes later by dragging near-lifeless body to toilet bowl and dunking head in ice cold water *)

    Just as an aside before I leave, may I say, my dear pal, my amigo, my good chum and beloved friend, that I sincerely hope you enjoy reading Just Like a Dame?


    (*repetition of collapsing into dead faint on the floor…)


  • Karen Scott
    April 29
    6:29 am

    Nice bit of sucking up there Daisy!! *g*


  • Anne
    April 29
    4:31 pm

    Wow… that was the best bit of sucking up I’ve ever seen.. and the fainting and all that? I can only believe it’s true… after all it is Karen reviewing the book after all… I’d pant, wheeze, fall down, hurt myself, get up, and repeat until the verdict came in. Calming breaths Daisy, I’m sure it will all turn out right as rain. (Not sure what that phrase means, but I thought it worked in that sentence *g*)


  • ShelbyReed
    April 29
    5:02 pm

    Heh–just reading that incredible bit of butt-smooching makes me want to go buy Daisy’s book right now. Well-written and so creative, Daisy! LOL!



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