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Karen Does SEP’s Match Me If You Can…

Saturday, April 8, 2006
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This cover is so much better than the US version

So I finished reading Susan Elizabeth Phillips’, Match Me If You Can this evening, and it’s a testament to how much I loved it, because I just couldn’t wait to write this review, and as a few authors out there will know by now, it takes a lot for me to be arsed to write reviews.

Without further ado, here’s the blurb:

My Verdict

What can I say about this book, but fuck me, I loved the bones off it. I have to say, it was worth every bit of the £10.99 ($19.00) that I paid for it. One of these days, I’ll get into the habit of buying second hand books, but until then I’ll happily bankrupt myself on books of this calibre.

SEP managed to hold me enthralled throughout the entire book. It was just that good.

At no point did the story lose its appeal, the dialogue was fast and witty, and the characters were just so damned multi-faceted and real, that I want to wax lyrical about every single bloody one of them. What an utterly fabulous idea! That’s exactly what I’ll do!

Annabelle – LOVED this heroine to bits. She was smart, she was funny, she was self-deprecating, and mad as ten badgers even when she was riddled with insecurities, I didn’t feel the need to stick an Uzi between her eyelids. I wanted her to be my best friend. I could imagine sharing a tub of ice-cream with her whilst watching Sex and The City. We’d talk about hot men and dieting, and generally agree that Posh Spice seriously needed to eat a bag or ten of chips.

Heath – I should have hated him, but I couldn’t, just because he was so darned irresistible. He was totally oblivious to anything outside work, and he was driven to the point of OCD.

He was shallow as hell, manipulative and sometimes sneaky, and totally didn’t get the whole ‘working at the relationship’ part of courtship.

My favourite thing about him was when he met Annabelle’s family, and through his POV, he made me realise that actually, Annabelle’s family were pretty great. Up to that point, we’d only got Annabelle’s view of her family, and I’d been busy feeling sorry for her during most of the book, because it had seemed that they were the family from hell.

Underneath Heath’s confidence and arrogant swagger, was a little boy afraid of depending on anybody too much, because all the people he’d loved most, had ended up leaving him alone.

He was the type of boy that my mother would have warned me about, had I not been such a book worm. I loved him to bits.

Portia – My, my my. What can I say about Portia? She was the most intensely flawed secondary character that I’ve come across in quite a while. With her, I think that SEP outdid herself.
Portia fairly leapt off the pages of MMIYC.

Initially, I assumed she was going to be the stereo-typical cookie-cutter beautiful, bitchy rival, who had everything that the heroine only dreamed about, and in the beginning she was. But SEP did so much more with her character, than I could have imagined.
Portia’s character defined the word ‘Multi-dimensional’. She was a perfectionist, an overachiever, who seriously needed therapy couldn’t begin to understand why she was so dissatisfied with her life. When her business begins to fall apart at the seams, she doggedly tries to stop the train wreck the only way she knows how. By trying to control everything and everyone around her.

Portia was the kind of girl I would have avoided at school, she would have made me feel fat, and scruffy, and quite frankly, when you’re fifteen and in the throes of puberty, you make assumptions based on looks alone.

If I’d taken the time to get to know Portia however, I would have discovered a desperately insecure girl, who just wanted to be loved.

My relationship with her character was similar to riding a roller coaster. One minute she annoyed the crap out of me, the next, I would have sacrificed my dream of getting jiggy with Will Smith, to protect her from harm. She was a character like no other.

Bodie – As Heath’s friend and assistant, he was the antithesis of everything Portia looked for in a man, but somehow, they made sense. He was bold and seemingly fearless, but underneath his smart-alec shell, he was the guy who understood who Portia was, underneath the Armani body armour.

I loved Bodie’s character, because what you saw was what you got, (give or take a couple of little white lies here and there) he had a take-no-prisoner, bad boy attitude that would have thrilled me in my teens, and made me appreciate the appeal of James Dean’s character, in Rebel Without A Cause.

There were many other characters who helped to make this book, one of my best reads of the year so far, including Phoebe and Dan Calebow, from SEP’s It Had To Be You, and Kevin and Molly Tucker from This Heart of Mine.

If you haven’t read this book yet, I urge you to run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore and get your copy now. I promise you wont be sorry, and if you are, it just means that you have no taste whatsoever, and should continue to read Thea Devine books.

You can buy Match Me If You can here, and the other SEP books here.

What’s going on behind Katie’s fake-looking smile?

So Katie Holmes is gonna have a
silent birth is she? In her effing dreams.

I bet she’ll be screamer and a curser. I bet she even says the word *fucker* quite a few times. Oh to be a fly on the wall…

What kind of fucked up religion even bothers discussing the subject of noise during childbirth? Surely it’s a given?

The way I see it, when a woman is expected to deliver a baby the size of your average football, out of a hole, equivalent to the size of a grape, (erm…unless of course you have a bucket fanny an unaturally large vaginal hole) I think at some point, it’s gonna hurt like a mother f*cker.


I’ll be posting Brenda Novak’s intervew tomorrow, I’m just too busy at the moment. You know how it is, things to do, people to schmooze. *g*

By the way Anne, I got the book through the post this morning, so thanks a lot, you fabulous person you. I’ll let you know what I thought of it, when I get round to reading it!

Sybil, I read Devil In Winter finally, and I’ve decided that I prefer Sebastian St Vincent to Derek Craven. Yes, I’m a fickle creature, but he was even more badass than Derek. Just my kind of hero. Sorry Kristie. *g*

I’ve just about read all of Lisa Kleypas’s backlist, and I tend to agree that she is a fab writer!

Oh by the way, I accidentally bought two copies of Kleypas’s Worth Any Price, if any of you guys want a free copy, just e-mail me, (erm you’ll find my e-mail on my profile if you can be arsed)and I’ll draw out the winner on Monday. Just write ‘Worth Any Price’in the subject header.

That’s all for now, I’m off to our local supermarket to get some grub for the Tall Guy!

You know, sometimes I just don’t get other black people.

I was talking to the husband of a friend the other day, when the subject of gay men came up. According to my friend’s hubbie, being gay is totally wrong, and “they should all be shot”.

I looked at him incredulously to check to see if that statement was his idea of a joke, but alas, it wasn’t. He totally meant it. Wanker.

I obviously wanted to know why he felt like that, but to be honest, he couldn’t give me any answers that made sense. I think he trawled out the usual “It’s supposed to be Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” bullshit. Can’t these twats ever think of something new and original?

I did ask him if he genuinely thought that somebody’s sexual orientation was a good enough excuse to beat them up, or even kill them. He of course back-pedddled like a mother-f*cker, and acknowledged that people shouldn’t be killed just because they happen to be gay. Gee… ya think?

I’ve never understood why a race of men people, who have been marginalised throughout history because of their colour, can justify such homophobic attitudes.

If that wasn’t bad enough, today I read that Brokeback Mountain has been banned in the Bahamas because of it’s gay theme.

What. The. Fuck?

How the hell does that happen in this day and age? More to the point, which fuck-wit let it happen?

No wonder so many black, gay men today, refuse to come out of the closet. With attitudes like that pervading our very existence, is it any wonder some black men prefer to kill themselves or endeavour to live dual lives, rather than face people knowing their ‘shameful’ secret.

The Renaissance Longbeach – Any good?

So, I booked our flight to Los Angeles yesterday.

We’ll be flying into LAX on Thursday Sept 14th, and departing on October third.

We now need to know the following, from any natives out there:

  • Can anyone recommend any good four-star hotels in both Los Angeles and San Francisico, preferably with pool, and good bars and restaurants within walking distance.

  • Recommended tourist activities in LA and San Francisico?

  • Areas to avoid in LA (Is Long Beach really that bad?)
  • Local delicacies – Any particular foods we should try?

We want to avoid the possibility of getting our throat slit whilst in LA, so any advice would be gratefully received.

I want to stay in Beverly Hills, (I’m hoping to do some celeb spotting) but The Tall Guy isn’t so keen on the idea. What do you guys think?

Any Lurker comments would also be warmly welcomed!