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I know it’s already been said, but if more authors were like Daisy Dexter Dobbs, the romance community would be a lot better off.

I have no doubt in my mind that her attitude has won her lots of fans over this last week, and deservedly so too.

So ya see Authors, sometimes it’s not the review itself that galvanises people to go buy your books, it can be simply how you deal with it. You listening Emjai? Just kidding of course. *g*

This does not mean that I want to see other writers copying DDD. What she did was pure Daisy, anybody else who attempts to do the same will just look silly, and obvious.

Her next book is out now, so why not go and have at it. It’s called Wicked Payback and you can buy it here.

Phew, that’s my good deed for the day, now I’ll have to go find some little children to eat, just to even things out a bit.

Erm…You guys know I’m kidding right?


  • Maili
    May 4
    10:13 am

    You kid? Surely you jest? EVERYONE knows you eat kids [and dead toads].

    How else did you manage to make your complexion so clear and your eyes so shiny?


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    May 4
    12:46 pm

    Well, there goes my nefarious plot to “internalize” Daisy’s post if you ever pan me, Karen.

    Such is life.


  • Daisy Dexter Dobbs
    May 4
    3:54 pm

    Well, Karen, your review certainly was a most interesting way to start my week. LOL

    As you can probably imagine, I’ve had a good number of emails and comments on my blog about all of this. :-0

    Having reached middle-age, complete with the battle scars to prove it, I’ve learned the value of keeping things in perspective, whether we’re talking about writing or life in general. One review won’t make or break a book or its author. On the other hand, the way an author reacts to less-than-stellar reviews speaks volumes. I’ve winced at some of the career-suicide comments I’ve read that were written by angry, bitter writers lashing out at reviewers, agents or editors for one thing or another. Whew! And those distasteful comments will be floating around in cyberspace for all the world to revisit endlessly.

    Creative people (writers, artists, performers, etc.) who expect everyone to love their work and are incensed when it doesn’t happen are living in a fantasy world. That’s especially true for those of us who write comedy. What makes one person laugh has another shaking their head in wonder. I know many people don’t “get” my humor, and that’s fine–I understand, and am not at all offended. Let’s face it, most writers receive cringe-worthy reviews on occasion. Some cry, whine, rant or hide and hope nobody reads the negative review–others take a deep breath and make the best of the situation. For me, that involves utilizing humor because it’s what I do best and is my innate self-protective mechanism. God help me if I ever lose the ability to laugh at myself or fail to see the humor in a purposely droll review.

    Karen, while your diatribes can indeed be cringe-worthy, they’re also lively and humorous. Trust me, I’d much rather face one of your witty, snarky reviews than a dreary, lackluster, downbeat review written by some half-dead reviewer who lacks the passion of her convictions. And, yes, I’ve had to face a few of those. 😀 The difference is that I ignore those reviews. They’ll never be mentioned on my blog or website because they don’t benefit me, my readers, or even the reviewer.

    Well, damn, this comment is longer than your post! You forgot to mention in your review that I’m verbose, too! LOL

    (Just a tip, Karen–little children are so much more palatable with a dab of chocolate sauce.)


  • Lauren Dane
    May 4
    4:55 pm

    Well, I think the entire exchange was a wonderfully fun example of how to deal and I try very hard to take Daisy’s example to heart. I’m sure I’ll fail, Daisy is a very above average sort, but it’s a lovely way to deal nonetheless.


  • Sam
    May 5
    7:38 pm

    Dear Karen,
    Posting this was just plain Nice.
    I have stopped believing you eat kids.
    Even with chocolate sauce.


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