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Karen Does Beverly Havlir…

Sunday, May 7, 2006
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OK, so I read Beverly Havlir’s latest book, Irresistible.

I couldn’t be arsed writing my own blurb, so here’s the official one that’s on EC’s website.

My Verdict

I liked this story. I really did.

Irresistible was remarkably easy to read, and I liked Havlir’s way of guiding the reader through the story, without overworking every scene. I’m sure you all know what I mean by this… if you don’t… well… never mind.

I warmed to Maddie from the very first paragraph, and because I knew what was coming, I really worried about how she would react to seeing her hubby in a clinch with another woman.

I loved how Havlir was able to get me to empathise with Madison, even though as the reader, I was aware that Gavin hadn’t actually cheated on her. I was able to understand why she reacted as strongly as she did to seeing Gavin in the arms of another woman. If I’d been in her shoes, I’d have done much worse than just walk away. I’m thinking that blood would have been shed, and it certainly wouldn’t have been mine.

I liked Gavin too. I could feel his frustrations and his helplessness at the situation. I love books, where the author is able to portray strong emotion, without the reader feeling as if they’ve been violated or manipulated. Gavin’s reaction to losing Madison was real to me, I totally felt his pain, even whilst I empathised with Maddie’s heartbreak.

It’s been a while since I came across a “big misunderstanding” plot device, where the misunderstanding was actually believable, but the situation that Maddie and Gavin found themselves in, wasn’t one that one conversation would have been able to fix.

Maddie’s trust issues, stemmed from having walked in on her father rolling on top of a woman who wasn’t her mother. This was followed by years of infidelity on her father’s part, and stupidity on her mother’s.

Maddie’s mother eventually became an embittered old woman, who taught her daughter that no man could be trusted to keep it in his pants, so her reaction was totally understandable.

As you would expect in an erotic romance, the sex scenes were sizzling. Maddie and Gavin had the type of chemistry that leaves the reader feeling breathless. I’m a sucker for books where the hero finds it hard to control himself whenever the heroine’s around, in this area, Irresistible didn’t disappoint.

Overall, Havlir managed to deliver an emotionally intense book, that although was fairly short in length, was certainly not lacking in the quality department, and I’m pleased to say that she has managed to keep her 100% record, as far as this customer’s satisfaction is concerned.

You can check out Havlir’s other e-books here, and buy Irresistible here.

OK Beverly, you can release the breath you were holding now, the torture is over. *g*