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I woke up at about 5am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I finished reading JD Robb’s Survivor In Death. God I love that book.

Anyway, after I finished reading SID, I started having a rather bizarre stream of consciousness. I wont go into detail about all of my meanderings, but one thought stood out from the others:

Why do all heroes have to have massive cocks?

I know it’s a fantasy thing, but wouldn’t it be interesting to have a hero whose tackle was described as ‘average’? By average I don’t mean tiny, because that would just be wrong, but let’s face it, how many of us have a significant other with a 12 inch dick? Not me, and even if I had, there’s no way I’d ever let it come anywhere near me.

My eyes are watering just thinking about it.

So what are your thoughts on the size of a hero’s penis? Short and fat? Or long and thin? Or perhaps somewhere in between?


  • Jane
    May 8
    6:59 pm

    Until I read romance books, I never realized that the superbig cock (anything over 8″ in my book) was so ever loving popular. I don’t really get it. Your G spot is not located 12″ up in your vagina. Google says that the average vagina is 3-6″ deep. The super big cocks just seem painful to me.

    On a different, but still cock related note, that was one big problem that I had with Eloisa Jame’s recent book: Taming the Duke. It appears that Imogen gets a good look at Rafe’s penis and then, believing Rafe to be Gabe, gets another good look at it. She couldn’t tell that the package was the same. How is that possible? Did she just assume every man looked the same? Same pubic hair, same cock, same, same, same?


  • azteclady
    May 8
    7:15 pm

    Actually, Jane, that’s one of the clues Ms James peppered through the book which explain why Imogen wasn’t surprised when Rafe ‘reveals’ that he was the one wearing the moustache [check out http://www.eloisajames.com and go to the ‘spoiler trail’ for Taming of the Duke]


  • Jane
    May 8
    8:12 pm

    Actually, in the book, instead of the super secret spoiler trail guide to be read as a companion to the book, Imogen thoughts are as follows:

    “She hadn’t been wrong, that time she glimpsed Rafe’s equipment. Apparently men came in all sizes, and these brothers must have been on the lucky side of the draw.”

    But I’m not bitter about this book. Much.


  • Marline
    May 8
    9:10 pm

    Not sure I’d like to read about a hero with an average sized penis. It would be just like reading about short heroes. Not for me I’m afraid!


  • Avid Reader
    May 8
    10:53 pm

    Marline said:

    Not sure I’d like to read about a hero with an average sized penis. It would be just like reading about short heroes. Not for me I’m afraid!

    Hmmmmm, ok. One fan speaks!

    I find some positions and sizes and the dozens of climaxes unrealistic, so I’m neutral. Whatever floats your boat.



  • Wendy
    May 8
    11:00 pm

    I’m with you Karen, i.e not interested in reading about the ridiculously endowed. When a man is described as having 9 inches of the good wood (Rachel Gibson, forget the title) I just think *ouch*.


  • Nicole
    May 8
    11:16 pm

    I’m another who doesn’t get the obsession with large penises.

    Was reading Glamour this afternoon and it had an article on this.

    Seems the average length stated in the article was 5.9″. 82% of women polled said that 6 inches was ideal.

    Now….8.7″ was the size men THINK they are when erect. And only 9% of women polled would want them that big.

    AND you know, our “hot spots” are only in the first couple inches, anyways. So really, it’s what the guy does with it that counts, not the length.

    10 inches? All I can say is ouch if that guy is actually getting it all in. And if he’s not, then what’s the point of even making him 10 inches?

    So I’m all for a bit above average, but I’m almost thinking that some of these authors aren’t really thinking about what’s average anyhow. Perhaps they think the average is longer than it really is (or think that their readers do) and hence the obscenely large penises we’re seeing.


  • Jane
    May 9
    1:26 am

    There is a funny joke that goes like this:

    Why are women so bad at math?

    Because all of their lives, they’ve been told that this (fingers measuring a very small space) is 8″. LOL


  • Rosie
    May 9
    1:35 am

    Several years ago a friend of mine came into work and was upset because a childhood friend was getting a divorce after less than 6 months of marriage. It seems the couple hadn’t done the horizontal mambo prior to marriage. Consequently, the bride got a BIG surprise on the honeymoon. It turns out the DH was very well endowed. So well endowed that his wife was uncomfortable during sex. The couple sought help for a couple of months trying to work things out but it seems that the Mrs. was so tense thinking about it hurting that none of the “help” helped.

    Hence the divorce. So I guess there can be too much of a good thing.

    When I read about the well endowed in books I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that sometimes…depending on how it is written, it does turn me on. OTOH, sometimes it is just silly and can even be seem ridiculous and cause for eye rolling.

    As for me…doesn’t anybody think ummm…thick is good? I do!


  • Dakota Cassidy
    May 9
    5:20 am

    I’m no expert and I can tell you that when I write about the ole meat whistle, I don’t write the inches. Really, who can measure by eye anyway?

    However, I do mention length and girth to a degree. Unless he’s a paranormal creature. Then that might change the landscape of his package.

    And, while we’re on the subject, IMHO–size plays a role. I can tell you I was married for 19 years to a man considered average by someone who posted a stat up further. He was the ONLY man I was intimate with for all of my teenaged and adult years.

    Then I met R, my boyfriend. Er, my thoughts have moved in another direction

    Thass all I’m sayin’ LOLLOLLOLLOL

    Dakota 🙂


  • Desiree Erotique
    May 9
    12:40 pm

    When I’m writing the heroine’s pov at seeing IT for the first time, sure it’s going to look like a whopper to her instead of the kid’s meal. Beauty is respective of the lover’s vision; and so, alternatively, are the dimensions of Mr. Happy.

    On the other hand I really wouldn’t want to read how IT is described in so many inches long and girth. Too much of a good thing can get downright silly.


  • Lauren Dane
    May 9
    5:48 pm

    It’s fantasy to a certain extent. I don’t want to read about dirty dishes or flossing either. So hey, if he’s got a big cock, all’s fine with me. I mean, in general, do you go out of your way to describe average things in life? Do you want to read a book about average people doing average things?

    I suppose for me, I like to read about interesting/unique/above average people/places/things (no pun intended)

    Now, I remember reading a Robin Schone book (and I do love her) but the guy kept going on and on about how supersized his cock was and after a while I was like, “HEY! Bubba, enough with the tourist pamphlet about your winky! WE KNOW! IT’S BIG!” Somehow if a cock is gone on and on about by anyone in a book (especially the hero) it annoys me.

    But I’m rambling now. In short – I like well endowed heroes. I wouldn’t toss a book aside if the dude had average equipment, but I don’t yearn to read about it.


  • Valeen
    May 9
    7:17 pm

    I’ve wondered this as well … why the hero always thinks to himself “I know I’m more than average so I’ll have to make her more than ready”.

    12 inches is a bit much … that wouldn’t be coming anywhere near me. No pun intended. Even with 8-10 I think they’d be hitting things they shouldn’t be if the canal is only 6″ deep.

    And what is with a hymen being broken after a hero is halfway in?? If I remember health classes correctly, which I probably don’t, its located at the entrance.


  • Beverly Havlir
    May 9
    7:22 pm


    I’m with Lauren on this one. I, too, like well-endowed heroes. I just don’t want the hero, or anybody else for that matter, to go on and on about it. The penis, after all, is just another appendage, albeit a very important one. *g* In general, in a romance book, I like the hero to be larger than life…if you know what I mean. LOL. Romance books, for the most part, are fantasies, after all.

    Also, if you’ll recall, Mark, the hero from Passion by Lisa Valdez, was a big boy too. About ten or so inches, if memory serves me right. Now that didn’t bother me at all. I still liked the book and it gave the sex scenes a little something extra, if you will. *g*


  • Marianne LaCroix
    May 9
    10:03 pm

    Hmmm sounds like a set up for a romantic comedy…hero pulls out his cock then grabs a ruler from the nightstand to measure so the heroine knows the exact length. Er…maybe not.

    Never wrote length as in inches. As we always say, It’s not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean.


  • Jaynie R
    May 11
    7:08 am

    See this is where is helps when you work in centermetres. The author mentions inches and it just goes all fuzzy and I picture my hubby’s cock.


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