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Absolute Utter Bollocks…

Tuesday, May 9, 2006
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David Blaine – Weirdo

You know, over here, we’re a lot less tolerant than you guys. I remember last year when he was doing that whole living in a box thing, the people of London took to throwing eggs at him. Oh how I laughed.

He is just sooo effing weird. I can’t work out if it’s just him being theatrical, or if he genuinely has a screw loose.

If he’d have attempted the underwater thing over here, somebody would have tried to push the tank over. It’s just as well he decided to stay in America this time.

Apparently he got paid $9m for this attempt. Who the fuck thought it was a great idea to pay him to do this?

Don’t they know there’s millions of starving children all over the world?

As Eve so eloquently put it, what an effing tool.

How Lovely Is This House?

Tuesday, May 9, 2006
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I want, I want!

Went to look at this house earlier today, isn’t it lovely? Unfortunately, The Tall Guy wasn’t impressed by the fact that it’s only got a single garage. Me, I was happy at the thought of having more rooms to store my books. Sigh.

The search for Karen’s new house continues…