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What’s With Dressing Kids Like Adults?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
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One of the politicians over here, has criticised big stores for allowing sexy underwear to be sold to kids under ten years of age.

David Cameron, leader of the opposition, had this to say:

It was very unfortunate that one of the stores that he mentioned by name, had actually withdrawn this particular range three years ago, after complaints from parents. He was duly accused of being out of touch.

Regardless, I actually agree with him. I do think it’s wrong that some parents dress their children up in clothes that are more suited to adults.

I wonder who’s clever idea it was to pad out a bra meant for a seven year old?

I’m always reminded of what happened to Jonbenet Ramsey when I see little girls dressed in clothes that are far too old for them.

Regardless of whether the parents killed her or not, they should still be horse-whipped for sexualising their child in the way that they did.

Congrats On Your New Look Rosie!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006
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Check out Rosie’s new look, I love that picture!

GemmaK does it again!