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Tackling The TBR… Again

Thursday, May 11, 2006
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This weekend will be devoted to trying to tackle the TBR mountain. I have several books in my possession that I keep shuffling to the back of the reading pile. Jenny Crusie’s Bet Me is one of them. I think my problem with BM, is that the premise doesn’t sound all that enthralling, plus everybody and her squirrel loves it, so I’m hesitant to jump on board the bandwagon.

Anyway, it’s definitely not one of the books that I’ll be tackling this weekend.

Here’s a run down of the books I’m planning to read, in no particular order:

Yeah, I know, not much variety, but what the hell, I like romantic suspense stories.

I bought all three Cindy Gerard books from Amazon, after Anne recced them to me. If I don’t enjoy, I’ll hold her fully responsible. *g*

So, what are you guys planning on reading this weekend, and are there any books that I just have to try?

Erm… No BDSM recs please, I’m hating BDSM right now.


  • Scott
    May 11
    9:50 pm

    You plan on reading ALL SIX this weekend?! I hate you! 😉

    The best I have ever done was a book and a half over a weekend.



  • Kate R
    May 11
    10:28 pm

    Don’t you OD when you do too many books in a row by an author? I can do two books, one after the other, by the same person before I start seeing too much repetition–sometimes it’s a character type or just in sentence patterns or something.

    whatever — it stops reading as fresh material. Pleh. Hate that.


  • Kimberly
    May 11
    11:46 pm

    Wow, what a stack! This is probably my cue to begin the nervous shakes, eh.


  • Rosie
    May 11
    11:57 pm

    I’ll be waiting to hear what you say about the Gerard and Janzen series. I’ve heard lots about them both and haven’t picked them up yet because my TBR is tilting like Pisa its so tall.


  • Anne
    May 12
    12:11 am

    You’ll enjoy Cindy Gerard’s Bodyguards series…. the third in the series is my fave.. and I got an ARC of Over The Line (due out May 30th) and it was fab too. I blogged about it a week or two ago. You’ll enjoy Karen, I know you will. I don’t know about Janzen as I haven’t read them yet, but lots of people are loving them. You’ll have to let me know if you like them, because if you do, I know I will.. since we’re reading twins and all. LOL


  • Angela James
    May 12
    12:29 am

    I have mixed feelings about the Janzen series. They’re pure fluff, I will say that and if you can suspend a lot of disbelief, you might enjoy them. I had to work at that, but I do enjoy them, though I wouldn’t fawn over them like some readers do 🙂

    I haven’t read anything not work related lately, so I’ve got nothing to recommend, darn it!


  • Kristie (J)
    May 12
    1:40 am

    Well – you know what I think of the Janzen books *huge grin*. I also quite enjoyed the Gerrard books too. Like Anne I enjoyed the third one the best. Since I didn’t get lucky like Anne and get an ARC (dare I mention that word:) I don’t know about her latest one – but I plan on getting it when it comes out.


  • ReneeW
    May 12
    1:50 am

    I agree with AngieW that the Janzen books are pure fluff but I enjoyed them. The cars, the men, and hot sex were yummy. Just tell yourself before you start to suspend reality.

    I’ve been meaning to try Gerard and someone rec’d To the Edge to me so I’d be interested in what you think.

    Bet Me was pretty good but I didn’t love it. Worth reading though.


  • Avid Reader
    May 12
    5:39 am

    I’m reading a Civil War mystery for AngieW’s TBR challenge that I need to get a move on—quick.

    Have a wonderful time reading this weekend!


  • Sarah McCarty
    May 12
    11:33 am

    I’ve been radomly trying new authors looking for someone that hooks me. Unfortunately, what’s being recommended to me which may be a new trend or just because that’s all that I haven’t read *G* are books where the men are whiney poor me wrecks in need of saving by the heroine. I always like the heroine in these books, and can totally understand why the hero wants the heroine, but cannot fathom what on earth she sees in him. It’s the heroine as “mother” theme. Flat out can’t stand that.

    I’m off to try Amy Fetzer today. (cause I can’t find the Gerard I bought) Hopefully no mamma issues. And yes, I’m blithely reading out of order. *EG* I got whatever one was said to be the best in the series.


  • Jane
    May 12
    12:16 pm

    When you read the Jansen books be prepared that while these are labeled suspense, I found them to be heavy on the romance side. Heavy on the hot sex side. Heavy on the unbelievability. BUT, for some reason, none of these things prevented me from enjoying them a greal deal.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    May 12
    12:56 pm

    Hey Karen! I really enjoyed Bet Me. The first four pages are, imho, some of the best romantic comedy ever written. Try not to let it’s popularity turn you off *gg*. It’s a very entertaining novel. I’ll be interested to hear what you think.

    Man Hunting remains my JC fave, though.


  • Eva Gale
    May 12
    2:25 pm

    I haven’t read Nora for the popularity factor (and others), but I can attest to Bet Me being great.


  • emdee
    May 12
    3:52 pm

    Don’t let the premise of Bet Me put you off. It’s brilliant.


  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
    May 12
    7:29 pm

    I have Emma Holly’s new book on my TBR pile, but right now I’m reading Nancy Martin’s new Blackbird Sister’s mystery along with an Alison Kent Blaze from like January. I also have alot of non fiction that I need to plow through.


  • Shelley Munro
    May 13
    2:19 am

    I’ve been eyeing up Cindy Gerard’s books, so I’m looking forward to your comments. I’ve just finished reading Micah by Laurel K Hamilton, which I enjoyed despite reading lots of negative reviews and Cascadia Wolves: Enforcer by Lauren Dane. I enjoy Lauren’s books and this new series she’s started had some great characters. Next up is a JD Robb book, Survivor in Death.


  • Vicious Trollop
    May 13
    3:14 am

    Hey Karen, love your site 😀

    I’m not much into romantic suspense (never sure how those people chased by evil murderers/rapists/drug lords find the time for a quick shag down the corner lol) but I’m ordering that Crazy series, as it’s been rec’d repeatedly by some friends 😀

    Hope you have a nice weekend!


  • Karen Scott
    May 13
    11:49 am

    Scott, I’ll be lucky if I get through two of em at this rate!

    Kate, I don’t get author fatigue until after the 5th or 6th book in a row (g)

    Hi Kimberly, just get some ice-cream – you know, just in case (g)

    Rosie, I already read Crazy Cool, and I loved it, which is why I decvided to get the others. I’m not a stickler for orderly series reading, sometimes I rush to the one with the best blurb!

    Anne, on your head be it if Gerard’s books suck!

    Angie, I read Crazy Cool, and yes it was a bit like The A Team, but with Sex, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Kristie, I’m very tempted to start with the third Gerard book first, but I wonder if it was the best because you’d got to know the hero in the other books first?

    Renee, Bet Me was ok huh? I’m still not convinced, I’m just gonna wait until my next trip to the Doctor’s surgery.

    Thanks Keishon. Civil War? Sounds a hard read. Good luck with that. (g)

    Sarah, I’m not into Mamma issues either, I like beta guys, but they gotta have lots of Alpha in them too. Did I just royally contradict myself? *g*

    Jane I love suspense with lots of romance and sex! I already read Crazy Cool, and I guess your idea and my idea of lots of sex, couldn’t be more polarised. I thought the sex scenes were tame, and not particularly inventive, but that didn’t bother me at all. *g*

    AWH – I’m quite a hard person to amuse, when it comes to books, which is why I tend to stay away from romantic comedies. I have to go way back to my ‘Just William’ days to find a book that made me cry with laughter, and I was only 10 years old, so what did I know anyway?

    Eva Diva – sorry I couldn’t resist, the more people tell me how great the book is, the more reluctant I become to read it. I’ve had the Da Vinci Code for just as long, and haven’t read that yet. Hype totally kills books for me!

    Hi Emdee, I’ll read it one day I’m sure, I’m a book hoarder of the worst sort, and rarely ever give them away.

    Elizabeth, thanks for reminding me about Emma Holy’s new book, that’s the All U Can Eat right? I keep forgetting to put it on my wishlist.

    Shelley, welcome welcome! I loved your Summer In The City of Sails by the way! I’ll probably do capsule reviews of all the books I intend to read this weekend!

    Hi Vicious Trollop, thanks and I just hopped over to your blog to check it out, too funny for words!
    As for the whole finding-time for-a-quick-shag, Linda Howard knows how to work this angle real good. They normally end up in some kind of cave win her books don’t they? *g*
    Not that I’m dissing Linda, cuz me loves her like a fat kid loves cake!


  • Jennifer B.
    May 13
    2:47 pm

    Late to the comments I know, but…I read the four Crazy books in four days. Loved them.

    Gerard’s books are also good. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

    Didn’t like Bet Me At. All.

    My two cents. *g*


  • Kimberly
    May 13
    9:03 pm


    Love it or hate it I’m very grateful you agreed to review it!!

    I’ve stocked up on Ben and Jerry’s so I should be good to go 🙂



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