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I have an At The Back Fence column up at All About Romance. It’s called To Blazes With RITA.

LLB wouldn’t let me swear or nuthin, and I had to play nice and be all balanced and shit in my writing. I couldn’t cuss out the RWA either, but it still makes for interesting reading if I do say so myself. If you want to comment (I know how much you guys love AAR’s message boards) you can do so here.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the mini survey I conducted either. Now that makes for interesting reading. Shame most of the authors are anonymous though. Oh well, go have at it anyway!


  • Rosie
    May 15
    8:33 pm

    I can only say that when I read results for most romance awards I’m always a bit stunned and bewildered by the winners. Do some of the books I like win awards? Absolutely, but usually they are books that are too exceptional to be ignored.

    It’s stunning to me that the industry itself doesn’t see the conflict of interest. Forget about the popularity contest. What about someone judging your book who’s jealous?

    As a book buyer I rely first on my own reaction to a book when I hold it in my hands in the store. Secondly reader reviews and word of mouth. I’ve never once purchased a book because it won an award.

    Good article Karen. Thanks for speaking up.


  • byrdloves2read
    May 16
    2:39 pm

    You made some excellent points. In the comments, someone suggested nominations from the public, ala The Nebula Award (in sci fi). Then the RITA might have some significance to readers. 🙂

    I was astounded by how many winners were completely unknown names (to me).

    And yes, I do think RWA has not kept up with their reading public. Although I’m not sure I’ve read a Blaze book that deserved an award, there are other “hot” books out there that deserve awards – Promises Prevail by Sarah McCarty comes to mind. *g*


  • Sandra Schwab
    May 16
    8:17 pm

    Hi Karen, I’ve meant to thank you for your column — it was a bit of an eye-opener for me. Sometimes I can be such a naive little blondie at heart.

    Still, I think the whole resistance against sexier books within parts of RWA only reflects the broader social development that some parts of society favour a return to a more traditional view of sex and sexuality.

    But as I said on the AAR board, this won’t really be a comfort for those writers who feel marginalized in RWA.


  • Wendy
    May 16
    10:52 pm

    The AAR digests are coming thick and fast and so far only a couple of arsefaces need to be swan-dived.
    Poor you, your little fingers must have been all trembly because they weren’t allowed to type certain words.


  • Sam
    May 17
    8:13 am

    The AAR board looks busy, lol.
    Loved your rant. You write really well!


  • Desiree Erotique
    May 17
    1:10 pm

    Darnit, I can’t get the links to work for me!


  • azteclady
    May 17
    3:48 pm

    I’ve enjoyed the column, the discussion on the ATBF forum and the spinoffs elsewhere.

    Thank you, Karen *chuckle* even if you had to watch your language!


  • Karen Scott
    May 17
    6:11 pm

    The inability to use ‘fucktard’ upset me quite a lot actually, but I got over it. *g*


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