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You know there’s lots of things I want to blog about, but seriously I can’t be arsed. I’ve got reviews due, but seriously, I can’t be arsed. I want to talk about how people are already ripping into the Da Vinci Code movie, but seriously, I can’t be arsed, although I will ask this question: did anyone else get the feeling that the critics were sharpening their knives way before its premier? Because I did. I suspect that even those people who secretly like it, will rip it to shreds, because they wont want to admit that actually, it’s probably an ok film. That just wouldn’t be cool.

Anyway where was I?

Oh yeah, the Smartbitches have posted a letter written by Laura Kinsale on the subject of authors and their art. Basically she’s saying that she writes for herself, and nobody else, and that all writing should be considered art, regardless of how bad the book is. ( I’m paraphrasing here) It would be interesting to see how many writers would keep writing if they kept getting rejected, year after year, after year, after year.

Also, what if they knew 100% that they would never get published, would they keep at it? As for the whole art question, I tend to agree with Jane’s point of view.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, that’s just another nail in the coffin as far as (NYT) author/reader relationships go.

I nipped over to the AAR board a while ago to check out the posts, I left some obligatory comments, seeing as how I wrote the column and all, but to be honest, as with any of the other AAR messages, I see too many authors getting all defensive, and making it all about them. You know who you are. So, until somebody says something that actually makes me mad enough to post, I think I’ll refrain. It was fun while it lasted but I’m bored now.

Why not pop over to Access Romance, where Alison Kent’s been listing all the stuff that’s good about Blaze. Positive Mental Attitude, can’t beat it.

Oh yeah, I’m in the middle of reading Cindy Gerard’s To The Edge, and Anne, you were right, I’m totally loving it.