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I see that Heather Mills and Paul McCartney are finally getting divorced. I can’t imagine that anybody seriously thought they were gonna make it did they?

It’s sad actually, and to be honest, I do feel a little sorry for Heather, because apparently it was Paul who initiated the divorce proceedings, mind you, I’m sure that the £200m settlement figure that’s being bandied about will help with the pain.

I hear that he didn’t have a pre-nup. I applaud him for that because he obviously thought it was going to last forever, but come on, the guy is worth trillions of pounds, and he didn’t think that his money was at least part of the attraction? I guess not. You know what they say, no fool like an old fool.

I liked Heather because she wasn’t the normal bint who aging rock stars, like McCartney, usually marry, plus she was missing a leg, which helped elicit sympathy for her.

I think media pressure, and familial fall-outs probably helped end this relationship, and it didn’t help that she was slagging off high profile people for wearing animal fur.

When they first got married, I recall asking The Tall Guy how long he thought they’d last. I gave ‘em two years, he gave them five. He wins.

I can hear the Champagne popping over at Stella McCartney’s house as I write this. I bet she did a victory dance when she heard that the wicked step-mother was getting the boot.

Which couple will be next do you think? Brad and Angelina? Michael Douglas and CZJ? Ben Affleck and Jen Garner? Britney and Kevin whatshisface? Ahhhh… the possibilities are endless…


  • Sam
    May 18
    10:30 am

    How about Tom and Kate?
    I don’t give them long – or rather, I give them until Kate snaps out of her sect-induced transe…


  • Karen Scott
    May 18
    10:32 am

    Oh my God Sam, how could I forget Tom and Kate! I (generously) gave them two years too!


  • Scott
    May 18
    11:22 am

    Tom and Kate I give another two months. I think Brad and Angelina would be next. Though frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of them.

    Sir Paul and Heather on the other hand, I am embarrassed to say, I thought would last. I don’t think it was too much about the money. Heather seems to be a down-to-earth gal. Of course I really don’t know much about her at all. Just my perception of what little I saw of her. If anything I would chock it up to school-girl crush.


  • Anne
    May 18
    11:57 am

    Not a big surprise, but a HUGE settlement. Yikes! Tom and Katie… not sure they’ll make it much longer, a year or two at the most. Like Scott, I think Brad and Angelina will be over soon too… maybe a year after the baby is born. We shall see. I try very hard not to keep up with this shit… the people make spectacles of themselves and then bitch about the paparazzi… what-freaking-ever. LOL


  • Valeen
    May 18
    12:18 pm

    I have to agree that settlement would lesson the pain. Oh the things I could do with all of that … pay off these damn pesky student loans would be the first thing.

    Tom and Katie, Brad and Angelina — the both of them I give about another six months. Maybe. For some reason I’m thinking Tom seems to be the type to become extremely possesive of the child when him and Katie split.

    For all their money none of these couples seem to be able to afford condoms.


  • Rosie
    May 18
    3:27 pm

    This sort of bowled me over. Not that they were divorcing, but that I’d forgotten all about them. I remember reading when they were an item that Sir Paul’s kids didn’t like her. Wow! That’s a lot of money to help recover from the pain.

    While I never thought Heather was the devil incarnate, I saw them interviewed after they were married and, at least in the interview, it didn’t seem like they fit together.


  • Shawn
    May 18
    10:07 pm

    I was really surprised to hear about the divorce. Despite the age difference I thought this marriage would beat the celebrity odds. How sad it didn’t.

    As for Britney and Kevin whatshisface the last I heard she was pregnant again.

    What about JLO and Marc Anthony? Do you think this will be her last marriage?


  • Jaye
    May 19
    12:45 am

    Some dj on the radio over here (Canada) spoke with a lawyer who knew about British divorce law. Apparently the settlement might possibly not be as huge as peeps are speculating. Apparently there’s some sort of provision for wealthy men–whatever they’ve amassed *prior* to the wedding is off limits. Only what they’ve made during the marriage is up for grabs (50%?) *But* in Paul’s case, since the money he’s made is mostly from interest on his wealth (gained prior to marrying Heather) his lawyers may have a very strong argument to say she has no right to that either.

    At least that’s what it sounded like the dj was saying. 😛

    But there’s still little Beatrice (their 2 yr daughter) to contend with, so child support should still add up to plenty.


  • Millenia Black
    May 25
    5:10 am

    Oh, Karen, I have to chime in on this! My bet’s on Tom & Katie to split next. Now that she’s delivered the obligatory baby…well, you get the picture.

    Next? Hmm…I’ll go with J-lo and Marc Anthony. He’s a coke-head (so I’ve heard), and she’s on the rebound, married him to save face. Spells D-O-O-M-E-D from the word go.


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