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I just received a legal notice e-mail regarding Google.

My company, along with millions of others, purchase online advertising with Google, and it seems that its “breached its contracts with advertisers and violated other laws by failing to adequately detect and stop “click fraud” or other invalid or improper clicks on online advertisements”

“Under the settlement, Google will establish a $90 settlement fund”

We thought there was something fishy going on, I wondered why our advertising costs with Google had been steadily going up, with no obvious results.

We’ll be putting a claim in, I’ve been assured that we’ll probably get something back.

$90m huh? You’d think they’d be more careful wouldn’t you?

Oh well, my accountant will be happy at least.

Fangirls Rule?

Saturday, May 20, 2006
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Sarah McCarty, erotic romance author, has a guest blog over at Anne’s. She’s talking about the latest trend of fangirl bashing. It makes for interesting reading.

I’m a fangirl of Sarah’s actually, and I’ll recommend her books to anybody who asks.

I think the label, ‘rabid fangirls’ probably came from the more extreme type of fangirl. Laurell K Hamilton shut down the comments section of her blog because she was getting harrassed by her own fans. No doubt because of something she did with Anita Blake.

Also, ‘rabid’ fangirls tend to get ridiculously aggressive if they feel that their beloved authors are being dissed, and generally tend to foam at the mouth if anybody dares to suggest that said author’s books are a steaming pile of dog shit.

As romance lovers, we all have authors who we squeeeee (thanks Sybil) over, but I do think there is a certain breed who always have to go too far with their fangirlishness.

This Week’s Popular Search Phrases…

Saturday, May 20, 2006
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Boys wearing sis`s panties – Is this some kind of fetish?

He wants to ejaculate in my mouth – Just say no thanks, or bite down hard

Karens wet panties blog – Erm, my knickers are dry thanks

Monica jackson topless – Monica?

Sex and the clitty – That’s one of my posts I’m sure

Interview cum facial post question sperm – another one about sperm I see

Husband learns to suck cock – Erm…

Great lips blog muff – I don’t get this one

Does women enjoy to swallow cum – Erm…

Jehovah women who are ready have sex – What does that mean?

Barbara streisand porn .blogspot.com – Seriously?

“I like well endowed” – Don’t we all? As long as it doesn’t hurt of course.

Can sperm live in mouthwash – Erm.. no idea really. Anybody know?

Maintaining a hard on – Don’t tell me this guy doesn’t get those viagra spams like everyone else?

Karen Jackson blowjob – Do blowjobs have names now?

Karen love kate – Does anyone know what this is a reference to?

Fletchina Archer – I guess she’s googling herself, I think I recall giving her book a mini roasting.

“sex with transsexual prostitutes” – This one’s beyond me.

Hood hunters porn – why does this sound so familiar?

I want manboobs – It takes all sorts I guess.

Swallow his ejaculate – And another obligatory sperm-based search!