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Fangirls Rule?

Saturday, May 20, 2006
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Sarah McCarty, erotic romance author, has a guest blog over at Anne’s. She’s talking about the latest trend of fangirl bashing. It makes for interesting reading.

I’m a fangirl of Sarah’s actually, and I’ll recommend her books to anybody who asks.

I think the label, ‘rabid fangirls’ probably came from the more extreme type of fangirl. Laurell K Hamilton shut down the comments section of her blog because she was getting harrassed by her own fans. No doubt because of something she did with Anita Blake.

Also, ‘rabid’ fangirls tend to get ridiculously aggressive if they feel that their beloved authors are being dissed, and generally tend to foam at the mouth if anybody dares to suggest that said author’s books are a steaming pile of dog shit.

As romance lovers, we all have authors who we squeeeee (thanks Sybil) over, but I do think there is a certain breed who always have to go too far with their fangirlishness.


  • Trollop
    May 20
    4:47 pm

    So right Karen. I’ve been bitten by some of these crazy fuck fans. Those Outlander groups are vicious and the Judith Mcnaught bulletin board is a disgrace. Those women are catty and horrible to each other and even to the authors they claim to adore!

    I could tell you stories that would make you weep, or laugh yourself stupid, depending on how you look at it LOL


  • Scott
    May 20
    5:31 pm

    I can understand someone being a fan-person of an author (or the like). For instance, I am a total fanboy for the band Rush. Just something about their music, I love it all. Always have. But I certainly wouldn’t start bashing someone that thinks their music is crap. (Quite honestly I can understand those that dislike the lead singer’s voice.)

    Just because you think the person is one of the best, or that you like everything they have turned out, it certainly doesn’t mean that everyone else on the planet will.


  • Lori
    May 20
    5:45 pm

    I find it all so very interesting, myself. Now, I love all my fellow girlfriends, you all know how much you mean to me, and I wouldn’t call any of you “rabid”, so don’t think this applies to any of you. But this type of behavior makes me want to say… Don’t any of you have a life for crap’s sake?!

    (Giving thanks to Erin for this amazingly fantastic phrase)

    I mean, hell, if you have the kind of time and energy to go around bashing people who don’t agree with your opinion, by all means go for it. I, personally, have a life. I am happy to share my opinion about who my favorite authors, singers, people, anything… are if you ask, perhaps even if you don’t ask – after all, isn’t that why we all blog? Take it or leave it for all I care. Just be polite about the way you do it.


  • Anne
    May 21
    2:41 am

    It was an interesting topic to say the least. I’m not going to comment much on it because I can’t be ARSED. LOL I’m just here to say that as an author, Sarah has a great point of view on the fangirl thingie.. rabidity aside, having some fangirls is a good thing, I’d think.


  • Bookwormom
    May 21
    3:24 am

    People who defend rabid fangirls haven’t been the target of some huge & vicious flame wars &/or troll attacks.

    Being a fangirl is fine, stand up for who you are & what you like. Otherwise, relax & go read a book. Buy a life at the K Mart blue light special.


  • Erin the Innocent
    May 21
    3:34 am

    lori – you’re welcome (I think LOL) for that particular phrase. I’m pretty sure I’m not the inventor of it but it’s a damned good one isn’t it?

    anne – fangirls are good RABID fangirls are scary. Those are the ones that send hate mail for defending a 4.5 rating on amazon (yes I was the recipient of said hate mail. I figured a 4.5 out of 5 was pretty good and what was the fuss? *shrugs* apparently hell should freeze if everyone didn’t LURVE that particular author). RABID fangirls are the ones that make a person want to step back from the author, for fear of saying the wrong thing. You never know when the RABID fangirls might all get together and stone you for some unknown slight you may have given whoever it is they all love.

    If I ever get to be rabid with any author/actor/musician will someone please smack some sense into me?



  • Maili
    May 22
    7:50 pm

    Well, here are my definitions:

    Fan – a person who loves an author’s works enough to make the author an autobuy. Usually can tolerate criticism towards the author’s books.

    Fangirl* – a woman who loves a person’s work enough to make the author an autobuy and recommend his/her books wherever she goes. The fangirl is likely to be willing to make an effort to meet the author at a book signing or chatroom. Doesn’t usually tolerate criticism towards the author’s books.

    *this definition applies to Fanboy, too

    Rabid Fangirl – a fangirl who appoints herself as a defender of an author and the author’s works and does not tolerate any forms of criticism towards the author and/or books, and will take a negative critic to task until the critic apologises or agrees that she is wrong.


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