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Boys wearing sis`s panties – Is this some kind of fetish?

He wants to ejaculate in my mouth – Just say no thanks, or bite down hard

Karens wet panties blog – Erm, my knickers are dry thanks

Monica jackson topless – Monica?

Sex and the clitty – That’s one of my posts I’m sure

Interview cum facial post question sperm – another one about sperm I see

Husband learns to suck cock – Erm…

Great lips blog muff – I don’t get this one

Does women enjoy to swallow cum – Erm…

Jehovah women who are ready have sex – What does that mean?

Barbara streisand porn .blogspot.com – Seriously?

“I like well endowed” – Don’t we all? As long as it doesn’t hurt of course.

Can sperm live in mouthwash – Erm.. no idea really. Anybody know?

Maintaining a hard on – Don’t tell me this guy doesn’t get those viagra spams like everyone else?

Karen Jackson blowjob – Do blowjobs have names now?

Karen love kate – Does anyone know what this is a reference to?

Fletchina Archer – I guess she’s googling herself, I think I recall giving her book a mini roasting.

“sex with transsexual prostitutes” – This one’s beyond me.

Hood hunters porn – why does this sound so familiar?

I want manboobs – It takes all sorts I guess.

Swallow his ejaculate – And another obligatory sperm-based search!


  • pornstudent
    May 20
    3:39 pm

    It’s all porn stuff. Surely people were searching for other things, like that cock sucking mother fucker Bin Ladin.


  • Michelle B
    May 20
    11:52 pm

    Karen, after seeing your interesting search phrases, I’ve started paying more attention to mine. My favorite so far is leprechaun gangster LOL! It just showed up this week (and it showed up twice!)


  • sybil
    May 21
    2:35 am

    Someone hit my blog with:
    “karens” “jacking off”

    I shit you not. They love you, they really love you 🙂


  • Monica
    May 21
    3:46 pm

    Me topless? Hmmm. I can guarantee that I am at least momentarily topless at least twice a day. Buty I try to keep my goodies and foibles at least semi-private.

    They were undoubtably looking for another Monica Jackson, my fake beboobed, publicly nekkid, and publicly drunken namesake.



  • Rosie
    May 22
    3:05 pm

    I had a blog way back about my son wearing girl pants. Got some interesting comments and get some even more interesting searches. Hilarious! Scary too!


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