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You know, I’m often bemused by the ignorance of some NYT authors. Laura Lee Guhrke posted this comment in response to something that was written by another poster at my AAR column:

I’ve highlighted the part that left me a little confused. My confusion mainly stems from the fact that I didn’t know that Ms Guhrke had ever written for EC, as she obviously seems to have some kind of inside information on this.

But then Jaid Black weighed in with her thoughts, methinks she was a tad annoyed when she wrote this:

Oh my, imagine my surprise when it emerged that Ms Guhrke’s comments were based on assumption rather than any basis in fact.

What a fucking surprise, yet another big name NYT author suffering from foot-in-mouth disease. These people should be innoculated or something. That shit’s definitely catching.

The full message board can be found here.

Apparently she had cancer. Hearing this news was a shock to the system. My heart goes out to her family.

Quinn, may you forever walk with the angels.

I got this blurb from Nicole’s blog, who in turn got it from Maya Bank’s website.

This book sounds spookily like Shiloh Walker’s, Her Best Friend’s Lover.

I know that millions of books out there have the same themes, and plot devices, but these two books, sound too close for comfort.

I’m certain that Miss Bank’s book has probably been executed differently to Shiloh Walker’s, but having read SW’s book, I can’t help but think that it’s almost the exact same storyline. The events even seem to happen in the same order.

I’d like to hear from anybody who’s read both books, so that they can give me their take on the main differences.

By the way, this is not a post about plagiarism, so there’s no point in knickers getting all twisted up over it.