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I got this blurb from Nicole’s blog, who in turn got it from Maya Bank’s website.

This book sounds spookily like Shiloh Walker’s, Her Best Friend’s Lover.

I know that millions of books out there have the same themes, and plot devices, but these two books, sound too close for comfort.

I’m certain that Miss Bank’s book has probably been executed differently to Shiloh Walker’s, but having read SW’s book, I can’t help but think that it’s almost the exact same storyline. The events even seem to happen in the same order.

I’d like to hear from anybody who’s read both books, so that they can give me their take on the main differences.

By the way, this is not a post about plagiarism, so there’s no point in knickers getting all twisted up over it.


  • Maili
    May 23
    10:35 am

    FWIW, it’s a very popular storyline – especially when the friends-turn-lovers theme is used – for most of Harlequin’s lines, ranging from Temptation to Presents.

    The story order is same, too [the hero gets drunk, sleeps with his best friend/heroine, doesn’t recall the next day, she gets pregnant, he thinks the mite she carries is the other man’s, battles with his emotions, sometimes offers to marry her, and la la la].

    I remember reading this type in a Janet Dailey book over twenty years ago [This Calder Sky?].

    I have both stories, so I’ll read them and see how it goes, but I suspect that they are drastically different. Will see. 🙂


  • Angela James
    May 23
    11:24 am

    I’ve read Shi’s book and love, love, loved it (I was pregnant when I read it and I think it struck a chord, because of how her pregnancy plays out). Obviously I have access to the other *grin* so I’ll have to read it and get back to you!


  • Nicole
    May 23
    12:40 pm

    I’d heard of Shiloh’s story but never thought to read it after strongly disliking the one book of hers I read.

    And as Maili mentioned, it’s a common storyline with the events happening in that order.


  • Anne
    May 23
    10:52 pm

    I read Shiloh’s and it’s interesting that that someone else now has the same storyline. Very interesting. : )


  • Stacy~
    May 24
    1:25 am

    I read Shiloh’s book, and when I read the the blurb for Seducting Simon, I did get bent out of shape cuz I loved Shi’s book. But a good point was brought up – it’s a very common storyline – so I let go of my rant. I haven’t read SS, so I won’t comment further, but I’m curious to know what others think of it who’ve read both.


  • Dawn
    May 24
    9:13 am

    I read Shiloh’s story and thoroughly enjoyed. Same as everyone said, am curious about how the other story comes across.


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