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Weekend In Germany…

Monday, May 29, 2006
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We arrived early Friday evening, picked up the rental car, which happened to be one of those horrid Mercedes A class thingies. We checked into the hotel, then went and got some food from the bar.

The waiter was in a bad mood because there were some overly loud patrons in the bar, and we could tell that they were pissing him off. He wasn’t very talkative, but to be fair, he couldn’t speak English, and we couldn’t speak German.

We ate our food, got drunk, and went to bed. We were absolutely knackered.

Saturday, we woke up early, and went into the citry centre, to look around, and to do some shopping. We didn’t buy much, mostly memorabilia stuff. The World Bowl was being held that evening in Dusseldorf, so there were shitloads of NFL Europe football supporters out and about. (We had tickets to the game incidentally).

We spent most of the day getting lost, in fact, we managed to forget where we’d parked the car, and it took us about an hour’s worth of walking up and down the centre, before we finally located where we’d parked the car.

We quickly drove back to the hotel, dropped off our wares, and made our way to the LTU arena, where the game was being played.

The place was absolutely packed out, and for some reason, I hadn’t expected it to be as busy as it was. Anyway, when we finally parked up, the heavens opened, and it pissed it down with rain. We were parked about twenty minutes away from the arena, and all the time we were walking, it rained like a mother f*cker. Thank God, The Tall Guy (who was a boy scout) had remembered to bring our pair of matching waterproofs (we looked ridiculous, but at least we didn’t get as wet as some people) which we donned, prior to starting the twenty minute walk.

We had sideline seats, so we had a good view of the game. Unfortunately, we were sat behind a couple of loudmouth Amsterdam Admirals supporters, who appeared to be having some kind of farting competition. They were foul, and so were the smells coming from their arses. Dirty bastards.

The game was ok. Frankfurt Galaxy beat the Amsterdam Admirals by 22 – 7. I was glad when it was all over.

We then started on the long journey back to the car, to find that we couldn’t find where we’d parked. Sigh. It took us 45 mins of scrabbling round in the dark to finally find the blasted car, and by that time, I was thoroughly fed up.

We were going to nip out for something to eat, but honestly, once we’d got back to the hotel, we just couldn’t be arsed, so we went into the hotel bar again, and got some food. After that, we went up to our room, and snuggled into bed (after a good hot bath!) it was heaven.

On Sunday, we stayed in the room until check-out time, then we went to the harbour, where we walked along the Rhine, and ate lots of fatty foods. Bliss.

Our flight wasn’t until 9pm that evening, so we decided to waste some time, by going on an hour-and-a-half boatride. What a fucking joke. It felt like we were on there for 3 hours, talk about dull. It didn’t help that the wind speed had picked up, and was blowing us around for the entire journey. Sigh.

I was very grateful, when the boat trip came to an end.

Anyway, we collected our luggage from the hotel, and went to the airport.

I’ve never been so glad to get home from anywhere in my life.

Neither The Tall Guy nor I were overly keen on this particular German city. We’ve been to Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Dresden , and they’ve been ok, but for us personally, Dusseldorf was a wash-out.

The hotel was nice though, even though we didn’t spend much time in it. The staff there were great too. But that was about it, as far as enjoyment goes, we’ve been to much better places.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy the pics, I’m off to watch Smallville!

Up above the clouds…

TG in God knows where…

Konigsalee – Merman and babies

Wanker Fan

Cute butts

Frankfurt Galaxy fans in town

TG with American flag

River Boat on the Rhine

In main shopping district

Ben and Jerry’s.

New Reader On The Block…

Monday, May 29, 2006
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There’s a new-to-me reviewer on the block, go check Solaine out. She has some interesting viewpoints. Also, she’s all about the e-book baby… *g*