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Not only is that Crazy Bitch off her head, her group members aren’t too sensible either. Check this guy out, he writes:

“We all people in here so I’m asking for help. People, I’m addicted to sex I got a problem and what make it worse I’m married. I been marry since I came out of high school. I love my wife but man I want to cheat so bad. I haven’t got everything out of my system, and I’m in ATL the girls here are bad. People what should I do?”

I wonder if this guy is for real? Any suggestions as to what he should do ladies? I have a few suggestions, but some of them involve anatomically impossible positions. What a cock.


  • Dakota Cassidy
    May 30
    9:30 pm

    I can’t check him out. the link won’t let me. Where do you find these people? God, you’re life is sooooo much more interesting than mine.

    And get the hell out of my head, Karen! I just used a smiliar brain/getting wet line in a book. LOLLOL

    Dakota 🙂


  • Karen Scott
    May 30
    9:59 pm

    That’s one of my fave sayings, it just describes some people to a T!


  • Eve Vaughn
    May 30
    10:29 pm

    LMAO!! You’re still checking that site out Karen? That’s funny. I have to run by those posts when I have some time.


  • azteclady
    May 30
    10:52 pm

    He’s trolling for attention and, obviously, getting it in spades–he’s probably smarter than all of them put together.


  • Rosie
    May 31
    5:44 am

    Married? How old is he? 13? God I hope this isn’t some poor guy’s honest appeal for help because it is pretty pathetic and offensive.

    He doesn’t need advice. His wife needs a gift certificateto purchase her own set of Ginsu knives.


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