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I love this show for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Trinny and Susannah are hilariously frank, secondly, I think most of us are able to identify with a lot of the women on the show in terms of how we look at ourselves, and our bodies, and thirdly, there’s an underlining psychological message that in today’s cover-model-obsessed era, is really quite important.

It’s not always about changing who you are, or losing weight, it’s about feeling better about yourself, regardless of your size or shape, without going to extremes.

Clothes really do make a difference. Which is my excuse to The Tall Guy, every time I go on a mad and expensive shopping spree.

I haven’t watched the American version of this show, but I can’t imagine that it’s as good as the original. No offense to you Americans out there, but I’ve watched your version of The Office. And it sucks great big hairy donkey balls.


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    June 4
    1:16 pm

    I think we get reruns of that show over here. FabDame has mentioned it to me but I have yet to hunt it down and watch it.

    This is a subject near to my heart!

    I agree that clothes make a HUGE difference. I’ve recently started shopping at a boutique that carries only top quality American and European styles of the finest cuts and fabrics. Yes, it’s expensive–but not so much that it’ll break you. You just have to buy less and wash it more often *gg*.

    But the difference in how I look and feel in those impeccably tailored clothes is astounding. Everyone comments and I tell them hey, it’s cheaper than plastic surgery and just as effective. *gg*

    If you don’t believe me just spend an hour in a high-end shop trying on the clothes! Afterwards you’ll gladly return those four tops you bought at Target in exchange for one designer piece.

    The one designer piece will probably last twice as long as the four, anyway!

    ~Ann, hopping off her soapbox


  • Maura
    June 4
    8:09 pm

    I’ve seen both versions and, despite being an American, I agree that the American version isn’t nearly as good. Not quite in the hairy donkey balls arena but I vasty prefer the brit version.

    I think Trinny and Susannah are hilarious and remarkably frank without being asses.


  • Jaye
    June 4
    8:19 pm

    I’ve never seen the brit Trinny and Suannah, but if they’re anywhere near as hilarious as the boys on How Not To Decorate (brit version), then I get where you’re coming from.


  • MaryJanice Davidson
    June 5
    1:05 am

    Did these guys write a book of the same title? Because I own it, and it was a HUGE help to me. I’m six feet tall, with hips. But I have absurdly small hands, arms, and shoulders. Virtually any clothing that is long enough, the designer assumes that I weigh 250 pounds. If it fits around the waist, the pants quit around my calf. And as for shirts? Fuhgeddabouddit. But the book was very helpful, explaining why I shouldn’t wear things near and dear to my heart (e.g. pleated pants) and should wear things I shy away from (clingy tops and above-the-knee skirts, to show off my curves). Grab the book, read it, then take it with you to the mall!


  • Nalini Singh
    June 5
    7:02 am

    Those two scare me, but then I’m a wuss. *g* I do like it when they go back and spy on their subjects and see if they’re keeping it up. It’s interesting to see how people have certain styles and how they’ll sort of sneak them back into their Susannah and Trinny outfits.


  • M.E Ellis
    June 5
    11:38 am

    I watched this programme once and ended up spending a bloody fortune!

    We were on holiday and I was feeling particularly ugly and blimpy. I watched T & S. They said to buy necklaces and all sorts to jazz up your outfits.

    The next day I dragged poor hubby round the shops. I felt better having new clothes, but some of them I’ve yet to wear. And this was two years ago. I always revert back to what I feel comfortable in.



  • Valeen
    June 5
    12:04 pm

    I’ve never watched this version but I agree that the American version is awful, I’ve seen it a couple of times and steer clear of it now.

    Like MJD, I’m tall and thin but I have hips as well although not large. But large enough that when I try to find something to fit my waist, it doesn’t fit the hips. And yes, why the hell do the assume because we’ve got long legs we’ve got thick waists as well?


  • Eva Gale
    June 6
    4:36 pm

    I love Trinny and Susannah. The American version is good, just not as good. But the help is still the same. Much Needed.

    Never watched The Office.


  • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
    June 6
    8:40 pm

    I love Trinny and Susannah too. Oprah is always having them on her show. What I love is that they’re pretty normal people apart from the fact that Susannah once went out with Viscount Linley. The American version is one part Queer Eye and one part I don’t know what. I like our version of the Office but I agree it’s not as good as the Britihs version. But then I think the UK version of Queer Eye stinks.


  • CindyS
    June 7
    9:18 am

    I haven’t seen the UK version but have seen clips – you guys have such large vocabularies that I’m always surprised at what comes out of their mouths!

    I have watched the US version and like others, I have managed to take away stuff that the rotund person I am needed to know. No jeans or pants that taper at the ankle – I threw them out immediately and jackets with curves. I have a beige corduroy and a jean jacket and I get so many compliments when I am wearing them. Now if only I didn’t get so hot wearing everything!

    I laughed my ass off watching How Not To Decorate! I also liked their Million Pound Experiment although they never proved the thesis they stated – I’m a stickler for that.

    The Office started out horrible but got better – they realized that long drawn out silences don’t work for a sitcom – haven’t seen the UK one – are there a lot of drawn out silences?

    The show I cannot stand is the one where two designers from Changing Rooms and two carpenters show up at people’s homes and redo them with the stuff they have on hand. Yetch.



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