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CJ Hollenbach EC Model, not my cuppa

I’m aware of who the Elloras Cavemen are, and apart from the whole squicky Chippendales (you know I just nearly wrote The Chipmunks cuz I couldn’t remember their name *g*) type feel to them, most of them are ok (if you’re into that kinda look, which I most decidedly am not), however I tend to stay away from the covers featuring CJ Hollenbach.

Not that I’ve got anything against him, but he is so not my idea of a hero. In my humble opinion, he’s the worst out of the bunch, yet it seems that the EC creative team have had a moment of madness, and he is now on all their Quickies. Whyyyyyyyyy?

Bootiful Cover…

Anyway, moving on swiftly, I immediately went and got Bone Deep, by Bonnie Dee, after reading Bam’s review of it, doesn’t it sound fabulous? If I feel strongly enough about it once I read it, I’ll review. How lovely is this cover?