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Karen Has World Cup Fever…

Thursday, June 8, 2006
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Sorry for the lack of posts guys, but I’m as busy as a little bee right now. Apologies for all those people who I owe reviews to, I’ll get to them soon, I promise!

With the pressures of househunting, the impending Fifa World Cup, the whole “Will Rooney be fit to play?” question, and trying to organise a bunch of grown men into their hotel in Germany, I don’t even have time to breathe.

Now that the World Cup is officially starting tomorrow, my posting will be even more sporadic, so please bear with me, I promise normal service will resume shortly!

So, is anybody outside the US, cuz you guys don’t understand how important this tournament is *g* doing anything special for the world cup?

GO ON ENGLAND!!!!!!!! No snide remarks Maili, at least we qualified!!!


  • Angela James
    June 8
    8:16 pm

    Well, in this US household, everything stops for the World Cup. Of course, my husband is also determined our daughter will be the next Mia Hamm, so there’s a bit of love for the sport there. His Father’s Day gift is a US jersey, though he doesn’t know it yet, he’ll get it on the 12th when they play their first game 🙂

    I didn’t realize you would be involved with the World Cup, Karen. I’ll bet you come away with some fabulous souvenirs! You’re right, it’s not really as huge a deal here in the US, though the appeal of the sport has grown in the past decade, and continues to.

    Have fun!


  • Kat O+
    June 8
    11:13 pm

    My son’s daycare is having a World Cup theme today so this morning he was decked out in the green and gold, holding his little soccer ball. And folks at work have bee ‘practising’ their World Cup routing since last week by staying up til early morning and then testing to see if they can remain conscious at work. I’m just glad we have a decent chance of not embarrassing ourselves this year. 😛


  • Dawn
    June 9
    10:47 am

    Karen, enjoy your World Cup Fest.

    Michael’s away this weekend, so Jade and I will not even be thinking about football. We will be watching HP and the Goblet of Fire and the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (I’m particularly looking forward to the 2nd one).

    Today at work is support your team day. I’d managed to borrow a Jamaica shirt from my brother before he burst my bubble by telling me that they didn’t qualify. Oh well.


  • Scott
    June 9
    11:06 am

    Oh sure. Just because I am American I don’t like soccer/football. 😛 You ManU fans are all alike with your stereotypes. May your precious home team England not get out of Group Play!!

    GO USA!! (Hopefully they will at least get to the quarters.)

    GO POLAND!! (Got root for my ancestors.)


  • Tilly Greene
    June 9
    12:29 pm

    Oh we are celebrating all right!

    Have the schedule pinned to the fridge, beer loaded up in the cellar [perfect temp for the Black Sheep] and we will be sitting in front of the box on Saturday…GO ENGLAND! And, we hope the US does well, but doubt they will get far, tough group.

    Have had some wonderful ads over here featuring the spectacular Oo Ah Cantano [although the subtitles were a bit over the top] the man is so very masterful…Man U could do with someone like him or Keane the enforcer, not so many pretty boys, then those Chelsea will run in fear…ooops, sorry, toning it down a bit…Go England 🙂


  • Eve Vaughn
    June 9
    7:07 pm

    I know nothing about soccer other than hot guys running up and down the field, getting sweaty, trying to get the ball in the other team’s goal, but I digress. I’ll root for the US of course because I went to college with one of the guys on the team who was a really nice. GO US!!!


  • paz
    June 10
    4:43 am

    Not doing anything special, but I will be watching and rooting! 😉



  • Marg
    June 10
    7:51 am

    We are celebrating by having to stay up all night to watch the matches!!!

    There will definitely be World Cup hangovers during the next few weeks!!

    Come on Aussies!!


  • December Quinn
    June 11
    12:37 am



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