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Go Becks!

England 2- 0 Trinidad!!!

Nice one boys!!

I wish the English press would get off their bloody backs though, at least we didn’t get thrashed like the US did. Sorry guys. *g*


  • Fickle Fiona
    June 16
    9:09 pm

    hehe…Jon Stewart did a really funny bit about the US game. He showed footage but it was just a bunch of 12 year old girls standing around picking their underwear out of their butts! LOL Looked very much like the real thing! Oh, was that unpatriotic?

    *looking around and ducking out*



  • Scott
    June 17
    1:39 am

    Not at all Fiona, not at all. The boys showed what a joke the world rankings are. They are not that good, and probably never will be.

    And I agree with you Karen. You just need to be good enough to win. And in a tourney like the World Cup, if you are winning your bad games, that’s probably a good sign.


  • Tilly Greene
    June 17
    2:26 pm

    But there was no robodance from Crouchie…we had to go back and watch the clip jnralive on YouTube [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfZ_rfkYq-Q&search=crouchy ] sigh, Alan Hanson makes an appearance.

    But here we sit preparing to watch the US try and buck up and play!


  • Karen Scott
    June 17
    3:17 pm

    Tilly, they’ve got no chance against the Italians. I hope they do beat them, but I really don’t think they will.


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