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I’ve actually managed to read a few books in between my crazy-arsed schedule. Here are some of the more noteworthy ones:

I decided to try a couple of Virginia Henley books to see what I was missing. What a total mind-fuck that experiment was.

I’ll not be reading any more of her books, mainly because I hate historicals that have heroes and heroines who are related to previous English monarchs. I hated, hated, HATED the fact that in The Raven and The Rose, the heroine was the love-child of King Edward IV. I can generally put up with books about ‘the ton’ and the whole lords and ladies shit, but romance books that actively involve historical figures tend to make me want to stab myself in the eye.

I have just four words for Virginia Henley books: Paint dry, grass grow. Give me Kleypas anyday. Nuff said.

I rather enjoyed Erin McCarthy’s Houston, We Have A Problem, but to be fair, I had just finished reading both Virginia Henley books, and I desperately needed to purge.

VLT’s The Nerd Who Loved Me was another treat, although, I realised about six pages in, that I’d read it already. She’s not everybody’s cuppa, but I think she’s great!

Anyway, gotta go, cuz that bitch Grace is being evicted out of the Big Brother house any minute now. Oh what an exciting life I lead! *g*


  • Anne
    June 16
    11:22 pm

    I’m reading an ARC of Shannon Stacey’s 72 hours and so far it’s fabulous… and a suspense! Yay! Next on my list is Saint Jillian’s Rebel by Eve Jameson, Unmasking Kelly by NJ Walters, and then for print books I’ve got the Tara Janzen “Crazy” series and more JD Robb plus an author who is new to me by the name of Ana Leigh who I saw in the library… this is a western historical and it looked *gasp* good! It’s called The Lawman Who Said I Do and I absolutely love the cover. I may have to move this up to follow 72 hours… it’s drawing my attention… but not enough to deviate from Ms. Stacey’s book : )


  • Kristie (J)
    June 17
    10:13 am

    You know reading your post made me realize that I’ve made it so far through my reading life and I’ve never read a Henley. I think I had one once but I didn’t get around to reading it and I have no idea now where it is.


  • Tilly
    June 17
    12:41 pm

    I’d love to know what you thought about the Dodd book. She’s a writer you either love or hate and even though I know I should hate her historical romances as they are about as historical as Pringles, I still can never put them down! I’d love to know whether her contemporaries are good or bad.


  • Karen Scott
    June 17
    12:49 pm

    Tilly, I absolutely loved Christina Dodd’s book, it was fab! I haven’t read any of her hystericals. *g*


  • Bev (BB)
    June 17
    2:09 pm

    I love Thompson’s writing. A couple of hers are favorites of mine, although I haven’t started on the Nerd set yet for some strange reason.


  • Eve Vaughn
    June 17
    11:17 pm

    Aww, I enjoy Virgina Henley Books. But I guess you and me are alike about reading certain historicals, I’m not to big a fan of Southern Historicals around the Civil War era, but love all other kinds of historials. Maybe it’s just a certain time of history in our countries that bugs us.


  • Desiree Erotique
    June 19
    6:07 am

    You really keep up with these reality show folks, don’t you babe? LOL If I ever start watching I know who to email if I miss an episode!

    Novels with historically real people don’t usually bother me if the premise is overall respectful of historical accuracies.


  • emdee
    June 19
    5:24 pm

    I also love VLT’s books. She sets several in Tucson and around Arizona so I also enjoy the local flavor.


  • Lori
    June 21
    6:53 am

    Karen, I loved the Christina Dodd also – this is part of a series – you should read them all!

    And the VLTs are all great, of course 🙂

    And Lauren, I agree that The Pregnancy Test was a hoot! HWHAP was funny, too. I loved the scene in Houston at the end where she is sick and Houston comes groveling to her and he is looking earnestly into her eyes and she sneezes right in his face. OMG! Too effin funny!


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