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Apparently, there’s been rumours circulating that Changeling Press (erotic fiction publishers) are going under, I didn’t know anything about it, until I received this e-mail:

So there ya go folks, the good folks at Changeling aren’t going anywhere just yet. Erm, so they say anyway.

It’s been a while since I visited the Changeling site, and now I know why. They seriously need to reconsider whoever designs their front covers. They suck great big hairy donkey balls. I could do better with my eyes shut.

Here are some shining examples:

UPDATE: Had to remove covers due to not having permission from Changeling Press – See Shelby Morgen’s comment below.

Seriously, whoever came up with these covers were smoking some hard core wacky baccy. I sure hope they’re not actually getting paid for this shit. Sigh.

USA 1- 1 Italy!!

The American boys should have beaten the Italians, but seeing as they couldn’t keep all their men on the field, it was never gonna happen. But hey, you guys are still in with a chance of qualifying into the next round.

You just have to beat Ghana, and hope that Italy beats the Czech Republic. Simple eh? *g*