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USA 1- 1 Italy!!

The American boys should have beaten the Italians, but seeing as they couldn’t keep all their men on the field, it was never gonna happen. But hey, you guys are still in with a chance of qualifying into the next round.

You just have to beat Ghana, and hope that Italy beats the Czech Republic. Simple eh? *g*


  • Jane
    June 18
    3:38 am

    I had to stay up and watch the highlights and hello, soccer players are hot. Loved the goalie with his cute glasses. May have to start watching this deal. But why don’t they wear more tight fitting shorts? Or shorter shorts? Or no shorts? Have I been reading too much romantica?


  • Marg
    June 18
    8:08 am

    You need to watch some Aussie rules football!!


  • Karen Scott
    June 18
    10:42 am

    Jane, footballers are hottt! I may be biased, but I think that the England squad has some of the finest looking players out there!

    Marg, never watched Aussie Rules footie, never been into men with lots of muscles though.


  • Scott
    June 18
    12:25 pm

    Nice post about the game Karen, though it has turned into a hot man fest. 😉

    Honestly, I think the US did better then I expected. And being a man down to Italy, it was pretty shamful of the Italians for not taking better advantage.

    And may I add a big WOO HOO for Aussie Rules Football! Love that sport (but not for the same reasons as Marg, I’m sure).


  • Eve Vaughn
    June 18
    5:13 pm

    YEAH USA!!


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