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Karen’s Football Focus Friday…

Friday, June 23, 2006
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England 2-2 Sweden!!

Well, we won the group, even if it was in unconvincing fashion. Sven got the usual shit from the press, although, this time it was kind of justified.

Michael Owen went off injured within the first minute of the game, and the poor sod wont be taking part in the rest of the world cup, due to a torn ligament. Poor bastard.

Beckham went MIA during the game, he’s been on fire lately, but for some reason he totally failed to show up on Tuesday. Sven really should have subbed him in favour of Aaron Lennon, at least he’s able to run past defenders.

Oh well, we still won the group, and Ecuador is next up. Please God let us at least pretend we’re a football team on Sunday!

Jaynie, did you watch the Aussie match yesterday? I’m ashamed to say that the ref, Graham Poll was an English guy. The funny thing is, when I heard that he was going to be one of the refs this year, my first thought was, oh fuck. Having watched him week in, week out in the Premiership, I knew the game was doomed before it even started. Fancy leaving a player on after awarding him two yellow cards. Pillock.

The Aussies, played amazingly well, and I was routing for them all the way, so well done for qualifying through to the knock-out stages!

As for the Americans, where did it all go wrong? Team USA were completely outplayed by Ghana, but for neutrals like myself, it was a pretty good game to watch. Oh well, maybe 2010 will prove to be a better year for them. Sorry boys.

My money is on Spain to lift the World Cup this year, I think it’s too obvious to go for the Brazilians or the Argentines. England could win it, but only if we learn to defend set pieces, and do better with penalties. I told Gamblog that I’d run down my street naked if England won the World Cup.

Methinks that my clothes will be firmly staying on, if our recent performances are anything to go by. Sigh.