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I’ve always thought that the name of this blog was fairly self-explanatory. I could have chosen a much funkier name when I started blogging. You know, something like, My So Called Life, or Hell Hath No Fury, that kind of shite.

But I didn’t. I chose a name that would indicate the kind of blog this is. Somehow, people still seem to get confused. Go figure.

I have an opinion on absolutely everything, and I’m not afraid to say what I think, this generally means that people know where they stand with me. Some people think I suck great big donkey balls, some people think I’m ok. That’s just life.

My love for romance books doesn’t necessarily extend to the authors of romance books. If you’re an author, and you act like a dick, I will vote with my money. I find it hard to read books by authors who have annoyed me in the past. Some people can look beyond an author’s online personality. I can’t. End of.

People will sometimes not agree with my viewpoints, I get that, and to some extent, I welcome differing opinions, but you need to know that if you come on here to diss the blog, don’t bother, because invariably, you wont like what I have to say to you.

If you’re an author, and I snark about one of your book covers, please don’t tell me that my opinion is wrong, and certainly don’t bother telling me that it’s hurtful to diss, because the artist sweated blood and tears trying to make it perfect. I really don’t give a flying scrotum.

I’m not afraid to tell people to fuck off, if I think they deserve it. It rarely ever comes to that, but I thought it was important to highlight this point.

I rarely involve myself in fights on other people’s blog. I’m much more likely to bring any issues to my own blog, rather than bleeding all over somebody else’s. That’s just bad form.

I’m not a professional reviewer, this is something that I do for fun. My negative reviews aren’t written with the sole purpose of pissing authors off, I’m far too busy for that shit.

If I review your book, and I’m really mean about it, either say nothing, or do a Daisy, because otherwise you’ll just come off looking like a twat.

If I spend my hard earned money on a book, and it’s crap, I’m entitled to say so, and no, I don’t have to be mindful of the feelings of the author, because guess what, I still paid for the bloody thing. Also remember, it’s just one opinion, and means very little in the great scheme of things.

If you’re not familiar with my blog and you surf in because somebody else gave you my URL, you need to check yourself before you come waving your shitty stick at me. I‘m likely to highlight your actions, and give you the type of headache that you could well do without. It doesn’t take much to become the subject of one of my blog posts.

I’m not in the habit of apologising for other people’s misconceptions. If you feel that I’ve dissed you in some way, and you want to discuss it, I suggest that you e-mail me privately. I promise, it wont become a blog topic, unless you give your express permission for me to make it public.

If you post a comment and I don’t respond, don’t take it personally, I’m a fairly lazy blogger. It’s not you. I promise.

Finally, if you really hate me, and you hate my blog, I suggest that you visit other blogs. There are plenty to choose from.

England Marches On…

Monday, June 26, 2006
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England 1 – 0 Ecuador!!

Woo hoo!!! We’re through to the quarter finals!! Well done Beckham!!

Bring on Portugal!!!