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I was truly only expecting a couple of books, so to receive this many was a real treat! I still think you’re as nutty as a fruitcake, but I really appreciate you keeping your word, and sending me the goodies!

Anybody else want to send me freebies, you’re quite welcomed to do so. My goodwill is easily won, and bribery and corruption doesn’t bother me one bit. *g*


  • Jane
    June 28
    2:59 pm

    We’ve ragged on MJD and didn’t get jackshit. But good for you and good for MJD on following through.


  • Bam
    June 28
    8:22 pm

    I say goddamn. that’s awesome. MJD is still “quirky”, but dang, at least she can keep her word. Hats off to you, MJD!

    I too would like an MJD bookbag. I’d be the envy of all the cool kids at school.


  • Avid Reader
    June 28
    11:59 pm

    Holy shit.



  • Wendy
    June 29
    12:15 am

    Crap on a stick – that’s a whole lotta books! Looks like her entire backlist! Daaammmmmnnnnn.


  • Kate R
    June 29
    3:31 am

    Wow. And you live across the ocean too. That is so cool.

    Wow. I want to be rude to an author who’ll send me her backlist. (Hey, Crusie, ya bitch. . .)


  • sybil
    June 29
    6:01 am

    LOL that is so cool… so do you need an address for the books you don’t keep *g*

    What cha gonna read first?


  • Karen Scott
    June 29
    10:57 am

    Jane, me and MJD have a love thing going on, she wants to have my babies, but I told her that immaculate conception was the way forward, besides she has an aversion to puckering up and kissing my ass.

    Bam, I love the bag, God knows it will clash with every single outfit I own, but fuck it, I can start a trend.
    BTW, are you trying to say MJD is nuts? *g*

    Keishon, thats exactly what I thought when I opened the big box that all the books came in. 23 altogether, amazing!

    Wendy, She sent me 23 books in total, and not just her books either, she sent me lots of Brava contemps and one LKH book too!

    Kate, I know not what you mean, I can’t remember ever being that rude to MJ… Oh that Authors Behaving Badly thing, that’s just my way of showing how much I love her. Yes it is!

    Sybil, I started on a couple of the Brava contemps, I’ll have a go at one of MJD’s stories, once the furore dies down, otherwise I’ll not be able to get her online voice out of my head!


  • Dawn
    June 29
    2:21 pm

    Wicked! (as Jade would say). It must have been like opening a treasure chest.


  • Anne
    June 29
    5:11 pm

    Holy shit! What a treasure trove! Looks like MJD paid up and then some!!! WOW!


  • MaryJanice Davidson
    June 29
    6:09 pm

    I’m glad you’re pleased, Karen. It’s been on my to-do list for a while (ever since you commented that authors almost never send books overseas, or send contest prizes overseas), and I finally got a chance to do it! I didn’t know if the UPS guy would deliver it direct or if you’d have to lug a big heavy box home, but I had fantasies about the latter… 😉


  • Ann Wesley Hardin
    June 30
    4:31 am

    I’ll go out on a limb here and say MJD totally redeemed herself with this haul!

    I am soooooooooo feeling the love.

    ~Ann, a Karen and MJD fan.


  • Desiree Erotique
    July 1
    4:58 am

    Whoa, that is awesome Karen!! Kewlness 🙂


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