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Devastated beyond belief…

Rooney Sent Off

Beckham off injured

Portugal 3 – 1 England (penalties)

England go out of the World Cup on Penalties.

Fuck! Fuck Fuck!!

For the love of Oprah, why the fuck can’t we take penalties? Big Fucking Sigh.

On the other hand, Andy Murray put Andy Roddick out of Wimbledon, so I’m pretty pleased over that.

I’m off to bawl my eyes out now, but I’ll be back tomorrow, doing my Little Mary-Sunshine bit. Fucking Christiano Ronaldo. Prick.


  • Jorrie Spencer
    July 1
    8:56 pm

    My son cannot bear to watch any more soccer after this game. (He was also rooting for Argentina.)


  • December Quinn
    July 1
    9:10 pm

    I know, the hubs and I are devastated. It breaks my heart to see everyone taking down their flags…we were so sure this was our year.


  • Solaine
    July 1
    9:49 pm

    Yes, losing by penalty shots has a bit of bitterness to it. B Now that Brazil is gone, it’s Fifa Europa, and of that, I’m sad (althought Brazil has had it’s glory and it’s time to spread the love)….France as the new team to root for?


  • ames
    July 1
    11:52 pm

    I was watching this game and I thought of you Karen, when England lost. I was rooting for England, and now there’s no one. I’ll just keep watching for the men…LOL


  • Kristie (J)
    July 2
    1:26 am

    What Ames says!


  • Tilly Greene
    July 2
    4:59 am

    Bloody hell! How hard can it be to practice your penalty kicks? How many more major competitions does England have to loose before they actually PRACTICE! This was a hard match to watch, especially after Rooney was sent off…I concur with you Karen – Christiano Ronaldo can kiss my *$@!


  • Lanie
    July 2
    10:18 am

    I feel for you Karen, I really do… but I am actually quite pleased Portugal won LOL. I knew that if it went to penalties, England would lose, it’s like they’re jinxed (or like Tilly said, they need to practice).

    As for Cristiano Ronaldo, he can kiss my ass too, and other bits 😛 He is so fine!

    I hope it’s an Italy/Portugal final, talk about babes on the field – Cannavaro, Bargzali, Totti, Toni, Figo, Ronaldo, Valente LOL…

    Though with the way Zidane played against Brazil, you can’t really count the French out.


  • Scott
    July 2
    12:58 pm

    This was the first whole game I sat down and watched (too damn busy). It was a real disappointment to see England go down that way. I don’t think they played all that well, but they were still attacking with a man down, which impressed me. I think some blame can be put on Mr. Rooney. He needs to keep his cool (though I am not sure what he did warranted a red card).

    As for Murray beating Roddick, I am not too surprised. Roddick is going down hill lately. He’s not the “up-and-coming” talent he was. He is not an underachiever.


  • Dawn
    July 3
    9:12 am

    Well not being a football lover, I was forced to listen to the entire match on the radio on a 4 hour drive to Devon. I’m not at all surprised that England lost on the penalties, both dh and my 2 bruvs were watching that bit through their fingers.


  • Dylan
    July 3
    9:02 pm

    My thought exactly…



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