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I believe he made the right decision, but I was still gutted, and bawled like a baby when I heard his statement at the press conference this morning. I fear that he’s played his last game for England, it’s just a shame it had to end like this. Big Fucking Sigh.


  • December Quinn
    July 2
    4:03 pm

    I know, it’s awful, isn’t it? The hubs and I too think this may be the end of Becks playing for England-he’s already out there in Madrid, what are the chances he’ll even still be playing at all when the next WC comes around?


  • Paz Edwards
    July 3
    4:03 am

    I still don’t understand why he stepped down. Is it because England lost and isn’t advancing?



  • Karen Scott
    July 3
    7:58 am

    Paz, he stepped down because we were expected to do better this WC, and plus he didn’t perform well enough humself. Apparently though he’d been planning to step down anyway, but he was hoping to do so after winning the trophy.


  • Dylan
    July 3
    6:36 pm

    I CRIED TOO! I was so depressed to see England’s exit out of the WC, I had such high hopes and was gutted when they were taken out.

    Then with Becks stepping down as Captain for England, damn…what a depressing weekend.

    Love the pics of him you posted, gosh I’m ridiculously in love with this man, on and off the field.


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