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No More Drama…

Tuesday, July 4, 2006
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So, I decided to change my url, mainly for a few reasons. The first being that I started feeling like the visiting authors were taking over. I looked at various comments over the past couple of months, and it shocked me to learn that over 70% of the comments on my blog were being left by authors.

Not to say that I don’t appreciate them, but seriously, I never started this blog to feed the ego’s of certain writers out there. Mary-Janice Davidson wrote in her blog that bloggers like myself expect authors to kiss our arses, well that’s simply not true. I much prefer other readers to visit my blog, simply because they are more fun, and aren’t going to get all huffy about shit that in the great scheme of things, just don’t matter.

I want to be able to take the piss out of shit fucking covers without egotistical fucking maniacs coming out and frothing at the mouth, that shit just makes me want to do really bad things.

Other author bloggers like Sam Winston, Eve Vaughn, Desiree Erotique, and Sarah McCarty have been with me from the first, and I always like to hear from them, but to be perfectly honest, all the attention from other authors and their cronies was just getting a bit much.

When I started this blog, it was never with the intention of having 600 plus hits a day, I just wanted a place where I could say what I wanted. I’ve found that actually, I was happier when I was getting less than 100 hits per day.

I love having rousing discussions and mass debating, but in recent months, there’s been less and less of that, and I just thought it was time I made a change. Readers tend not to hang out at author blogs, and just lately, Karen Scott’s World has been bombarded by writers.

It was getting so that the people who used to post, started lurking, because they didn’t want to be involved in the drama that me and my blog attracts. This had been pissing me off no end, especially when it started taking an authors vs readers slant.

So, I’m starting afresh, same blog, different url. The readers and authors who I already link to, will be able to find me if they want to, but at least for now, the number of people who read my blog will hopefully diminish to a comfortable number.

This has been a cleansing experience for me, and now I feel like I can start all over again. I feel like I’m all alone in the blogosphere, and it’s an absolutely wonderful feeling.