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Enrique’s Bulge?

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
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I think Enrique Iglesias is one brave guy. Fancy telling a tabloid newspaper that he may have the smallest penis in the world. (paraphrasing of course) Doesn’t he know what these people are like?

I’ve just spent the last hour trying to work out if indeed he does have a small penis, there certainly doesn’t seem to be a discernible bulge, even when at rest…

Anna Kournikova is probably one of those rare creatures who believes in quality over quantity…

Popular Search Phrases This Week…

Wednesday, July 5, 2006
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Slut – I’m still trying to figure out how they got to my blog

How to maintain a hard-on – Ask my husband, that bad boy can go for hours… Unfortunately…

Blog, bad covers, changeling Press – Hmmm, I wonder what they were looking for…

Bitches available in indida – I have a feeling that’s supposed to say India, or is there something you’re not telling me Indida?

“ejaculate in my mouth” – I wondered how long it would be before I came across a sperm related search phrase

women who swallow cum – I’m glad to say, I’m not in that particular club

Triskelion Publishing rumors – Rumours? What rumours? Does anybody want to enlighten me?

karen swallow cum – She bloody well does not!

Fletchina Archer – She seems to google herself quite often, I can’t believe that it was a reader wanting to know more about her books. Sorry.

did cristiano ronaldo rape a girl – I don’t think he did, but he did get Wonder Boy Rooney sent off, the swine!

i want to ejaculate on my wife’s face – And you’re on my blog because?

where to buy karen scott – Camden Market, I’m the girl wearing the luminous green fishnet stockings, balancing the tiara on her head, drinking Moet from the bottle.

Karen Scott and Bam – Seriously honey, people are gonna start talking…

supersized cocks – Way-hey!!

Cristiano Ronaldo Rape consensual – An amazing number of people wanting to know about this case

huge penises for karen – What have they heard?

authors like diana palmer” – Cardboard uber alpha heroes, TSTL heroines, predictable plot devices? Nah, there’s no author quite like her.

Karen Scot Authors Behaving Badly – Lots of searches linking me to authors behaving like twats, I wonder why…

why do women love to be mean to another woman? – Welcome to Romanceland my friend…