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A Real Life Sex Slave Revisited…

Sunday, July 9, 2006
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I decided to pay a visit to the Common Kajira for the first time in over a year, to see if she’s come to her senses and dumped her Master yet.

Nope, she’s still asking for permission to fart.

Oh well, each to her own I guess.


  • Desiree Erotique
    July 9
    5:33 pm

    Good for her! I’m assuming they are both consenting adults? If so, it is the same with my Master and me; the nature of our relationship is for us to decide, not anyone else’s.


  • Barbara B.
    July 9
    9:36 pm

    Yikes! Voluntary servitude…

    Still it’s reassuring to know that for every yin there is indeed a yang.


  • Eve Vaughn
    July 10
    12:49 am

    Well, I would imagine this is great research for authors who want to write BDSM books


  • Lauren Dane
    July 11
    10:31 pm

    I like to read sex blogs. I like to read sex blogs about the D/s lifestyle.

    There are many that I read on a regular basis and love, even several who take their own relationships far beyond where I’d ever go but still write in a compelling and interesting fashion.

    As far as sex blogs about D/s go, I find ASK to be annoying on several levels – I don’t like when people speak about themselves in the third person, it creeps me out and it’s pompous. The writing isn’t that interesting and their particular relationship isn’t one I find to be a very good example of a working Master/slave relationship built on respect.

    Sure, people can make their own choices but as they put it in a blog for public consumption, I have no problem calling it out as a poorly written, generally annoying, pompous blog.

    If you like this sort of thing, give Sweetness Follows a try, or Myths and Metawhores – another favorite.


  • Barbara B.
    July 12
    5:27 am

    That last line of “girl’s” puzzled me. Why the hell would an adult woman want to feel the little girl in her more deeply? I’m baffled by the whole thing. I’d swallow broken glass before I called any man master. Maybe it’s the souls of ny slave ancestors that makes the word “master” anathema to me. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never known a man or heard of a man worthy of being called master.
    There ain’t no such animal.


  • LSB Author, Darragha Foster
    July 29
    6:31 pm

    I’d swallow broken glass before I called any man master.

    Amen to that, sister.


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