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Helen Baxendale

Emily Breastfeeds Baby In Public

I saw Helen Baxendale (Emily from Friends) breastfeeding her baby this week. I had a meeting with a client at the hotel where she happened to be staying. We were sat in a main lounge area, so I looked at the passers by, to gauge their reactions, I’d say that most of them were more embarrassed than anything else. One of the employees of the hotel, walked past, and looked utterly horrified by the sight. Helen looked too harassed to give shit what anybody else thought.

Her baby was too cute for words, although it must be noted that she was wearing the most horrendous puke-green and white blouse, and her hair looked as if it would have benefited from a brush being run through it.

Carnival Fun

Some of my girlfriends and I went to our town’s annual carnival last week, it was heaps of fun, unfortunately, I only have about three pictures, because my battery decided to die, almost as soon as we got there. Godammit.

We ate lots, drank lots, danced lots, got our arses pinched by total strangers, and went back to our respective partners. My kinda day.

Keep-fit Karen

This week, I started my Bikini Body Countdown To Cali programme. It’s been a while since I went to the gym, and I can certainly tell, by the extra skin that’s found its way onto my hips. Anyway, no more crappy food, and I’ve started swimming again. I’m aiming to lose at least 12lbs. The last thing I want is to be harpooned by somebody mistaking me for a beached whale. Also, I know I’ll gain about 14lbs whilst over there, with all the crappy food that will be made available to us.

If I can be arsed, I’ll do a weekly report on my progress. If I can be arsed.

Holiday With The Girls

My sister and her best friends are going on holiday tomorrow. They’re going to Agia Napa for a week, that should be very messy. Girls on holiday together are often messed up affairs.

The last time I went on holiday with my girlfriends was a few years ago, when we went to Corfu. I produced a video diary of all our activities actually, and called it Corfu Uncovered.

It was all very messy. Lots of drinking, lots of flirting (not by me, I hasten to add) and lots of general bad behaviour (again, not me). Four of us travelled, and by the end of the hols, I was pretty pleased to get home. Girls on holiday together can be a nightmare, especially if one feels that she’s not getting the same amount of attention from the guys. One of the girls (T) had a face like a wet weekend all holiday. So much so, that I had to tell her that she was acting like a bitch (hey nobody elese dared, and she was my best friend after all) and that she ought to belt up.

She proceeded to ignore me and the others for the rest of the holiday. Sigh.

The funniest moment of the holiday was when we got on a bus, still drunk from the night before, and we were laughing that hard and that loudly, that the coach driver kept giving us the evil eye. It didn’t help that we were sat, right behind him. Anyway, I said something to S, just as she was taking a drink of water, and she laughed so hard, she spat the water onto the coach driver. Oops.

He stopped the coach (it was full by the way) and ordered us off the bus. I stood up, put on my best ‘don’t fuck with me’ voice, and told the bus driver that if he threw us off, we’d sue him and the bus company for abandoning us, and consequently endangering our lives, in a foreign country.

He got back on the bus and continued to drive to the water park. We sobered up around 2pm that afternoon. Oh happy days.

Superman Returns

Absolutely Bootiful Man…

In other news, The Tall Guy and I went to see Superman Returns last night.

After reading some of the American reviews that were less than complimentary, I was apprehensive about going to watch it, but as it happens, I FUCKING LOVED IT.

There was always going to be the obvious comparisons between Brandon Routh ( Bam, he’s so mine) and the late Christopher Reeve, but I’m happy to say that he wore the Superman suit, like it was made for him, (erm… you know what I mean) and man, that boy was hot. He’s joined Will Smith, and Christian Bale (Batman) in my Hot Man sandwich, and yes, I happen to be the filling.

What I loved about the film was actually how simple it was, and how it managed to stay true to the original Superman (I’m sorry, but I’m far too young to remember the black and white version).

I loved that Routh was able to make me forget that he hasn’t always played this role. BTW, Can I just say that everytime he came on screen as Clark Kent, I had the insane urge to get nekkid. Is that wrong?

Apparently most of America thought that Kate Bosworth was a crap Lois Lane, but fuck that, I thought she was just right, even if she could have done with eating a bit more food. Man, that female was thin.

Kevin Spacey was brilliant of course, as Lex Luthor, but the man’s a genius, so I wasn’t really surprised. Also, Parker Posey, who played Lex’s obligatory slutbag sidekick, was pretty good too.

When TTG and I discussed what our feelings on the film, afterwards, we agreed that for 2 plus hours, we’d both wished that such a man existed in this troubled world of ours. That feeling was compounded, when we got home, and switched BBC News 24 on, to find that the Israeli’s had just bombed some more Lebanese people.

I’d say the world definitely needs Superman. And I need to have Brandon Routh’s babies.

Paris Hilton’s New Record

I heard it the other day, and I have to say, I thought it was rather good. Yes, I liked it, regardless of how over-produced it probably was.
It was a feel-good summery record, and I bet she does really well in the British charts. At least she’s trying to earn her own money. Can’t fault her for that.

New Cell Phone

I got a new mobile phone this week, the Nokia 6280 with a 2 megapixel camera, a built in MP3 player, and 3G capability (whatever the hell that means). It’s very cute.

Well, that’s all for now, I managed to read both Deanna Lee’s book, and Judi McCoy’s book, and I’ll be reviewing them shortly.


  • Desiree Erotique
    July 15
    5:08 pm

    Karen, you drunken slut.
    😉 Sounds like the Corfu holiday was a blast.

    I’ve not seen Superman yet. The previews look fantastic, though. I wuv Kevin Spacey movies.

    Good luck on the diet. You’ll lose those few pounds very quickly, I’m sure. You’re too determined not to.

    Oh, and take it easy on the new Mommies, lol! Brushing the hair can be the last thing of importance when you’re exhausted from early morning feedings and diaper changes. And once you’re up, that puke green colored blouse might well look crisp yellow to the bleary eyes.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Jane
    July 15
    6:14 pm

    Good for the celeb. I am very opinionated on the issue of breastfeeding. If you don’t like looking at my breast, LOOK AWAY. Do you want a screaming baby or a happy, suckling baby? I vote for the happy, suckling baby.


  • Vicious Trollop
    July 15
    9:17 pm


    GOD YES BR is H.O.T! *Grrrr* Heard he plays for the other side though *sniff* You can never believe those rumors of course.

    I have issues with women breastfeeding in public. I think some things are private and make others (like me) very uncomforable. I have been flamed for this view before and will probably get hell from some of your readers now LOL still JMO 😛

    I’ve been back at the gym for a month. Killing myself every fucking day and I think I’ve actually gained weight! LOL Of course I’m eating like a starving construction worker these days, so that might explain it 😛

    Been meaning to ask you. How is your hiding-to-get-less-people-in-your-blog thing going? Is is working?


  • Karen Scott
    July 15
    11:11 pm

    Des, the one thing I love about British celebs, is the way they’re able to get on with their lives, without worrying that they look like a bag of shit. I can’t imagine many Hollywood women going out in public looking as rough as Baxendale did.

    Jane, breastfeeding in public has never been an issue for me, I just like to see other poeple’s reactions to it.

    Hi VT,I certainly hope you’re kidding about BR’s gayness? Tell me it aint so! That man would be so wasted on another man dammit!

    As for the breastfeeding thing, it doesn’t bother me one bit to see it. I got used to watching my mother breastfeed my younger siblings, when I was growing up.

    The hiding thing went ok for a while, but the number of hits is steadily creeping up again. The important thing is, I’m not gonna be as nice as I was on the other blog (yes, I was nice) If anybody fucks me off, I’m gonna cuss out their mother, then delete their comments.

    In some cases, I wont even bother commenting, I’ll just delete, which hurts far more than cussing them out sometimes.


  • Michelle B
    July 16
    9:10 am

    Karen, I have to say I agree with you on Superman Returns. I was really skeptical when I first heard about the whole project. I loved the Christopher Reeve Superman movies.

    I finally went to see the movie this week and wow, it was amazing. I loved it! I didn’t want it to end:) I even had to come home and ramble on about it on my blog. And I keep telling people about it. I’m thinking I may go see it on an IMAX screen…

    Good luck with your get fit for California goal!


  • Bam
    July 16
    3:52 pm

    Bam, he’s so mine

    Shove off, hosebag, he’s so mine! 😡

    ‘Sides, I’m so going to have his baby. If Tim says it’s okay, I mean.


  • Rosie
    July 20
    5:57 am

    Finally saw SUPERMAN RETURNS today. Holy crap…was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed the flick! Why aren’t more people going to this movie?


  • Karen Scott
    July 20
    8:25 am

    Rosie, they are in England, it’s mainly the cynical Americans who are slating it. Just like the Da Vinci Code, it just wouldn’t be cool to admit that they actually enjoyed it.

    The prejudice against Superman is mainly based on snobbery methinks. It’s cool to like films like The Deerhunter though, which in my opinion was one of the most over-rated films evah.

    Bam, would Tim allow a threesome? That would be cool huh? *g*


  • Anonymous
    August 20
    5:55 pm

    Hi Karen/Bam
    I’ve posted before, but prefer reading all the comments to your ramblings. This is the first time though I feel it imperative to voice something as important as this: YOU TWO ARE SOOO WRONG! Brandon Roul’s SO MINE!……if only I was 20yrs younger…..DANG!



  • Karen Scott
    August 20
    7:08 pm

    Chandra, you are totally dreaming!


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