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Do Nuns Have Sexual Thoughts?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
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I was driving along this morning and I saw a couple of nuns in full habit. My first thought was, poor bitches sweating in this heat, my second thought was, I wonder if they’re both really virgins, and my third thought was, I wonder if they masturbate…

Any nuns out there want to enlighten me?

What? What else am I supposed to think about when driving in this heat?


  • Bam
    July 19
    9:30 pm

    I come from an old-fashioned, ultra-religious family with old money (which I’ve never seen myself); traditionally, the eldest daughter of the eldest child was “given” as a gift to Christ as a thank-you for the blessings he had provided my family. This would have been my destiny had I not shown myself to be a devil’s spawn at an early age.



  • Fickle Fiona
    July 19
    10:27 pm

    Tis a question I have wondered myself, Karen.



  • Dramedy Girl
    July 20
    3:30 am

    The heat makes you see and think many a crazy thing, but I’m intrigued with the answer. I sure hope a whole host of nuns googles you and pops in for some enlightenment. But I got to say, if they post as Sugar, Orchid or Delilah I’m not going to put much stock in their answers. :o)


  • Rosie
    July 20
    5:02 am

    I come from a strict Italian Catholic upbringing. The speculation about all religious begins at an early age whilst one is awaiting to make the dreaded march to the confessional box.

    I had a nun from the Phillipines google and visit my site once…I forget why. I’ll be checking back to see what this stirs up! ; )


  • Karen Scott
    July 20
    8:16 am

    Bam, sure I could see you as a nun, you’d just masturbate till you went blind, or till the priest gave in to your gentle persuasions *g*

    Fiona, I think most people who have sex would wonder the same thing. These two were pretty young as well, so I tried to imagine myself in their shoes. It took me about 0.1 seconds to decide that celibacy wasn’t really my thing.

    Shelly, I can’t imagine many nuns will land on this site, but hey you never know, they may stumble across me if they google “swallowing sperm and loving it” That’s a pretty popular search phrase for my blog these days. (g)

    By the way Shelly, I’ll update your link as soon as I can be arsed, but never fear, you’re on my Kinja list!

    Rosie, I can’t imagine any nuns finding me, but it would be cool if they did!


  • Kat O+
    July 20
    12:19 pm

    When I was in high school (year 8, I think), one of the our nun teachers was on 60 Minutes and was asked pretty direct questions about sex, which she answered honestly. The honest answer was…well, she’s only human and had naughty thoughts like everyone else (the interviewer didn’t probe – HAHA – much further than that).


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