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JMC asks, what wont you read?

I posted on Keishon’s blog, that I don’t do inspirationals, cuz religion is public enemy number one, as far as I’m concerned. When I can’t pick up a newspaper anymore without seeing the atrocious crap that’s done in the name of God, well, reading about Christian values in a romance would be enough to make me gag methinks. I’m sure there are some good inspy’s out there, but I’m not willing to even go there. Sorry.

I also don’t do incest stories. That should go without saying, but apparently that shit’s more popular than people realise. *Shudder*

What say you?

They do say pointing is rude…

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What the…? Who the fuck thought that this book cover was a good idea?

Cover found on Romance Booktrader’s blog.

Captions to go with this pic anybody? The possibilities are endless…