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They do say pointing is rude…

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. What the…? Who the fuck thought that this book cover was a good idea?

Cover found on Romance Booktrader’s blog.

Captions to go with this pic anybody? The possibilities are endless…


  • AngelaDionne
    August 1
    6:12 am

    Oh… oh my… that’s well—hmmmm… large and round and well— how did this bloke ever learn to walk with a package that obtrusive?


  • Dawn
    August 1
    8:18 am

    My eyes are watering – from laughing so damn hard! It looks like he’s got a huge sack of sand much less great big donkey balls. ROFLMAO!!!


  • Dramedy Girl
    August 1
    1:13 pm

    That has got to be the funniest pic I’ve seen in a good long while. That’s a great way for me to start my Tuesday!


  • Anne
    August 1
    2:06 pm

    I think the guy kneeling down is trying to get his sock out of the other guy’s pants that somehow got stuck in there. LMAO! YIKES!


  • Anonymous
    August 1
    2:24 pm

    I just looked this up on Amazon.com and this ain’t even an erotic romance! That skanky, outthrust pelvis is false advertising.


  • ShelbyReed
    August 1
    2:51 pm

    I had just finished laughing…and then I read the follow-up comments. LOL God, I love this blog.



  • Barbara B.
    August 1
    10:26 pm

    I wonder how my previous post got posted as anonymous? Anyway. Notice how the guy in the picture on the wall looks aghast? He can’t believe that shit either. I think the guy kneeling sorta looks like the goofy but incredibly fine Jake Gyllenhaal.


  • Lori
    August 2
    12:49 am

    Holy cow! what else is there to say?


  • Love Ann
    August 2
    1:04 am

    OMG! He’d better put that away, he could PUT SOMEONE’S EYE OUT with that thing!!!


  • I'll never tell
    August 2
    2:47 am


    …I think something crawled up my leg.

    …Apparently, I’m growing another head.

    …It’s not my fault! It’s the effin’ starch in me shorts!

    …I’m considering having the damn thing removed, I just need to find a doctor who does amputations.

    …Well, I have to carry my bowling ball somewhere!

    …You can laugh. I can’t find briefs that fit anymore.



  • FreeSpirit
    August 2
    3:02 am

    OMG … words fail me.


  • sallahdog
    August 2
    3:51 am

    “hey man, you need me to ice down that thing?” or ” I realize you love grapefruit but its not necessary to carry them around in your trouser pockets.”

    Seriously, we neutered a newfoundland once and his ball sac blew up just like that…


  • Stella Price
    August 2
    2:14 pm

    guy looks like hes got elephantitis of the nuts… or at the very least ESS… Enlarged Scrotum Syndrome.. either way it doesnt look healthy…. and if i was the guy on my knees i would so think twice…


  • Jade James Truth or Dare
    August 3
    1:04 pm

    I’m gonna go with the great and popular words, donkey balls.

    So the guy with the big sac is saying:

    “I actually own a sack of donkey balls, can you please suck them.”

    LOL-yeah corny but I’m dying here.


  • Marianne LaCroix
    August 4
    12:51 am

    Sorry, but that cover is scary.


  • LorelieLong
    August 4
    8:34 am


    “I bet you 2,000 pounds you can’t fit it in. . . “


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 5
    1:43 am

    The guy stuffs, no mistake about it.


  • AngieZ
    August 6
    6:43 pm

    This cover never fails to give me a giggle. I am not sure who is funnier, the picture guy in deep thought, mullet guy who looks like he is going to burst into tears or cantalope guy who has to be in pain. Blue balls in the extreme.


  • nicoletterivers
    August 8
    6:24 am

    “When the unfortunate polo accident happened the doctor was forced to improvise, and that’s how I became in possession of this crystal ball. Just gaze into it, and I’ll reveal your future.”


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