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JMC asks, what wont you read?

I posted on Keishon’s blog, that I don’t do inspirationals, cuz religion is public enemy number one, as far as I’m concerned. When I can’t pick up a newspaper anymore without seeing the atrocious crap that’s done in the name of God, well, reading about Christian values in a romance would be enough to make me gag methinks. I’m sure there are some good inspy’s out there, but I’m not willing to even go there. Sorry.

I also don’t do incest stories. That should go without saying, but apparently that shit’s more popular than people realise. *Shudder*

What say you?


  • Kat O+
    August 1
    6:50 am

    I don’t really find religion all that romantic – it’s typically very didactic in the novel or unhealthily obsessed with sexually frustrated priests. I just read If Angels Burn and while I liked the book, the Catholic stuff irritated me because I just kept thinking, “WTF? Priests don’t act like this anymore!” – at least, not in my world. Which kind of makes me wonder what Arabic women think of sheikh stories…

    The Boy bought me a Nexus novel once and I was like, “Next time, please read a few pages before you buy me a book.” I very rarely find S&M erotic so I stay away from it. Ditto incest, bestiality and rape.

    And oh, what about the atrocious crap written in the name of romance? *tongue in cheek*


  • Dramedy Girl
    August 1
    1:11 pm

    I’m with you on the whole religion and incest plots. Not here! I also find myself shying away from Regency stuff because all the rules and the regulations (while they used to fascinate me) just seem silly anymore.


  • Anne
    August 1
    2:09 pm

    I don’t do inspirational at all… not because of the God thing, but because I can’t relate. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a heathen, just a Lutheran who doesn’t live every second of her life according to the Bible.

    I don’t care much for horror either. Some seriously freaky shit on those pages.

    Some regencies/historicals… Blech. The whole My Lord and My Lady shit bugs me after a while, especially when it’s too heavily done.


  • Barbara B.
    August 1
    2:14 pm

    I avoid the following types of stories or cliches not because they’re intrinsically bad but because I’m tired of them or just never liked them:

    Romantic suspense.
    Romantic comedy.
    Chick Lit.
    30-year old virgins.
    Submissive heroines.
    Heroines named Carlie, Caitlyn, Molly, Kelly, Beth.
    Italian police detectives named Nick.
    Heroes named Dante, Nick, Jake, Alex/Alec, Max/Mac, Marcus.
    Feisty red-heads and red-heads in general.
    Bad boys.
    Heroine in love with brother’s best friend.
    Hero more than 10 years older than heroine.
    Blue eyes.
    Heroine wanting hero to teach her to be sexy.
    Plain or fat heroine that turns out to be gorgeous.
    Special Forces hero.
    Perfect, nice girl heroines.
    Big, stupid misunderstanding that keep hero and heroine apart.
    Bickering hero and heroine.
    Heroine disguised as boy.
    Rape scenes.
    Arrogant alpha males.
    Stupid, stubborn heroines who put themselves in jeopardy.
    Short heroines.
    Crazy-assed shifter combinations.
    Paranormals in general.


  • Dawn
    August 1
    4:17 pm

    That’s certainly a comprehensive list, Barbara. LOL

    I would recommend one Hero more than 10 years older than the heroine book, though, and that’s The Admiral’s Bride by Suzanne Brockmann. Absolutely fabulous.

    Books I don’t like, well Inspirationals do not appeal to me. Don’t really like futuristic or shapeshifters (except werewolves). Other than that I’m fairly open to suggestion.


  • Karen Scott
    August 1
    5:11 pm

    Barbara, it may have been easier to ask what you do read, lololol!


  • byrdloves2read
    August 1
    5:53 pm

    As someone who once considered becoming a clergyperson, I would love to read about people of faith who also know all about passion and are willing to explore it. But there aren’t any out there so I don’t read “inspirational” romance – it’s too “sweet”. Since I like happy endings, I don’t generally read chik lit. And no S&M or incest. Otherwise I like to read most everything.


  • Barbara B.
    August 1
    10:13 pm

    Yeah. Sorry folks! LOL. I forgot to take my medication today. I’m alright now, though.
    I’m the undisputed queen of the nitpickers.


  • sallahdog
    August 2
    1:40 am

    smut, smut, smut…. I loves me some smut… I don’t care if its dirty or nicer, but if it has smut in it, I will read it… lol..

    which lets out most inspirational romance..

    Seriously, I like just about any genre, suspense, thrillers, horror, paranormal, science fiction and fantasy… but… I do notice that I prefer a story, whatever it is, with relationships as an important part of the book… I am a sucker for romance..


  • fiveandfour
    August 2
    4:29 am

    Stupid, stubborn heroines who put themselves in jeopardy

    Oooo, forgot about this when I was pondering this question – books with TSTL heroines are guaranteed to get thrown up against the wall. In winter, they may even find themselves tossed onto a fire, provided I haven’t shredded it in a screaming fit first.


  • Lara
    August 2
    9:15 pm

    I can’t say I get the incest stories either.. I’ve read a lot of slash fan fic for Harry Potter (yeah, I’m a geek, so what. 🙂 ) and it’s amazing how many Ron/Ginny/Fred/George/Charlie stories there are. Ew. Just ew.

    Otherwise, I’m open to pretty much anything, so long as it’s a well-told story…


  • Serendipity
    August 3
    5:59 am

    Actually, some inspirational have nothing to do with religion, so I read those.

    Ditto with incest. Add cheating spouse or couple to the list. It’s annoying as heck…I can’t stand it in my romance books. Goodness, it’s supposed to be HEA, why have them cheat? I can’t see anything “happy” about that!


  • Nicole
    August 4
    1:44 am

    lol Barbara…and see, I’d love some of what you hate. I loved red-headed Nicks (being married to one) and love short heroines since I’m so darn short. I always think we need more red headed heroes.


  • aries75
    August 4
    3:54 pm

    Barbara b: I think that list of yours rules out at least 90% of romance novels ever written o_O

    While I agree with a few, speaking as someone who’s only 5’2″, short heroines are fine, please and thank you 😛


  • Desiree Erotique
    August 5
    1:53 am

    What I won’t read:
    1. Cook books
    2. Any more future Amy Fisher biographies or autobiographies
    3. Reader Digest condensed novels, or any other type of literature condensed by Readers Digest
    4. Any future works by James Frey

    Otherwise, I try to keep an open mind, though there’s no promise I’ll not have a negative reaction to the book.


  • Shannon
    August 12
    12:18 am

    Hi, Karen. I’m a bit late to the party (stupid moving) but I figured I’d answer this.

    I know this makes me a bad romance reader, but one-true-mate stories make me want to vomit. I think it’s a lazy plot device, and I’ve never read one where I actually bought the premise. Aside from that, TSTL heroines and asshole alpha males and inspirationals are also on my auto-avoid list. Also, people with weird-ass funky names that nobody actually has in real life in a story that isn’t somehow sci-fi or fantasy.


  • Karen Scott
    August 12
    7:09 am

    Shannon, I sooo agree with you about the one true mate thing! I really detest stories where the heroine met the hero when they were much younger, they had sex once, for whatever reason, they split up, then twelve years later it emerges that the heroine never had sex in the time they were apart.

    Talk about gag reflex!


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