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This Week’s Fucktard Of The Week…

Thursday, August 10, 2006
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I was just listening to reports on the radio about the latest air-related terror plot that’s just been foiled by the police and other security agencies.

Twenty-one people have been arrested, and they are looking for a further two suspected terrorists. Due to this, the nation is now on critical alert, and most airports have restrictions in place. For the time being people have been banned from carrying hand luggage onto their flights.

Some arsehole at the airport in Belfast was bitching about her hand luggage being searched and confiscated. What. The. Fuck?

Apparently, the twat lady, complained to officials that it was a complete nonsense, and that she couldn’t understand what harm there was, in taking hand luggage on board a plane.

That cretin can be glad that I wasn’t in the queue anywhere near her, when she made those remarks. I’d have torn strips off her.

As far as I’m concerned, when The Tall Guy and I jet off to America next month, I wont give a fuck if they wish to strip search me, search me internally, or anything else they deem necessary. I also don’t give a shit how long they take.

As long as they make sure those religious suicide bomber freaks don’t get on the same plane as me, I’ll be happy.

So to the lady at Belfast Airport, You. Are. A. Fucking. Moron.

‘Nuff said.


  • Tilly Greene
    August 10
    10:44 am

    We figured it would be someone wanting to keep hold of their duty free booze that would someone over the edge, not hand luggage!

    I can’t wait to hear about your trip to the US – what a blast you’ll have.


  • Stacy~
    August 10
    11:18 am

    I’m with you Karen. I don’t want any suicidal bomber on my plane. I’ll gladly go to the airport early (with a book or two) and let them search my stuff…I leave the really embarrassing items at home anyway LOL. I don’t mean to make light of it though. A few extra minutes and a bit of inconvenience is well worth the cost of my safety.

    I hope you enjoy your time here in the states….Karen, taking the U.S. by storm…


  • Dawn
    August 10
    1:51 pm

    Sure, it’s nice to be able to take a bit of entertainment on a long flight, but I’d rather be alive than fuss over not having a book to read.

    The only thing that I wonder about it the requirement that baby food and drink has to be tested by the passenger. Not sure how that’s going to work, as opening and tasting puts bacteria into the food, which then won’t be refrigerated.


  • fiveandfour
    August 10
    1:57 pm

    This reminds me of a conversation I had with a colleague who was complaining about the fact that her boyfriend is one of those people who apparently looks suspicious to airport security, so every time they fly he gets the uber search routine. He resented it and felt it an invasion of his rights.

    I told her if it would make everybody feel better, they could stripsearch me right there on the concourse because, you know, when you choose to live in society sometimes the slight discomfort of one is the price to be paid for the security of everyone. It took her aback that I was so vehement about it (I’m generally pretty low key), but it looked as though a glimmer of understanding dawned about how most everyone else feels about the topic.


  • Anne
    August 10
    2:44 pm

    Hey, at least your government or whatever had the SENSE to stop it before it happened. The US Government(FBI, etc) are a bunch of dumbass sissies who need to grow a spine and get the shit done that needs to be done instead of allowing the Bin Laden dick-lickers to finish what they set out to do. Thank God one country knows what they are doing.


  • Jade James Truth or Dare
    August 10
    6:42 pm

    Living in New York myself, it concerns me that there are still complete retards out there who don’t give a shit for procedures that are designed to protect anyone possible.

    That woman is an A-Hole.

    Hope you have blast Karen.



  • Desiree Erotique
    August 10
    8:55 pm

    Some folks will complain about the new rope to hang them with.
    At least we are seeing much tighter security precautions here in the US now. I might hate having to give up my shampoo and suntan lotion, but better these things than my life.


  • Anonymous
    August 10
    10:52 pm

    I am going to miss my chapstick when I take the red-eye back to Ohio at the end of this week, but I’d rather have chapped lips than a blown up ass!

    Still as big a twit as that woman was, what the *&%^? 21 arrested and most of them British born but of Pakistani descent? Can we just kill them and let them get to their 40 virgins?

    I am pretty sure it would still count in their little Jihad minds. It was what they were planning anyway with this suicide mission. So, killing them would be doing them a favor of sorts. The fact that we all benefit, too, should not count against us. We are just trying to help them reach their goals!

    Bets they all belonged to one or two mosques known for their Imans being provacateurs of this type of crap. Do any of those people actually read the Koran? Or is it like our freaking weird ass Born Again Christians – where it is the Bible according to whatever twit is standing in the pulpit. The twit of course has some axe to grind not to mention raking in the cash; driving around in a Bentley and living in multi-million dollar homes… enough said.



  • Dance Chica
    August 11
    12:18 am

    Oh, I wholeheartedly agree with you. I was watching on the news today about how people had to dump their toiletries, lotions, etc and it seemed most people the reporters talked to were okay with it. They just wanted to be safe and I agree. If searches and a long wait and are what’s necessary for public safety than by all means. Frankly, I’m glad for the beefed up security.


  • Anonymous
    August 17
    1:18 am

    The day all this hit the news I was booked on a flight from Phoenix AZ to Okinawa Japan with layovers in LA and Taipai. The new rules are no big deal. Just pack all of your your stuff in your check bags.


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